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How to Choose a Medical Aid Plan That Will Best Meet Your Needs


The pandemic reminded us of the importance of medical aid. The following advice should help anyone looking for a plan that will suit their needs best. Most South Africans in full-time employment will have been enrolled in their company’s group scheme. This option has two main advantages. The premiums are generally discounted, and employers also subsidise them.

Currently, there are 55 so-called closed schemes. Membership is restricted to specified personnel, like employees of a given company or members of a particular profession or statutory body. For the self-employed or those whose company has no group scheme, there are 21 unrestricted or open schemes, each offering members a choice of several different products. Choosing the best one for your needs is essential. Before making a final decision, you should obtain several quotes and review each carefully.


Comparing Medical Aid Plans

Don’t fall into the trap of emulating vehicle insurers and simply picking the cheapest of three quotes. If something goes wrong, you will have a guarantee and can seek redress. However, if your medical plan doesn’t fully meet your needs, you could be stuck with a massive debt. Firstly, try to arrange at least six quotes. A comparison site can help you achieve this by completing a single online request. Naturally, the price must be a consideration, but select all you can afford, even at a stretch, and inspect each to learn what you will get for your money. Ask yourself the following questions:


How Much Cover Do I Need?

If you are single, enjoy good general health and have sufficient income to handle the cost of occasional GP visits and prescription charges, a hospital plan should be enough. It will cover the cost of any injuries or medical emergencies that may require hospitalisation. In practice, KeyHealth’s Essence option should cover all the essential needs of a young family. Older members and those with recurrent health problems might consider something more comprehensive.


Is a New Baby on the Cards?

If you plan to extend your family, select a product with good maternity benefits and paediatric services. As a bonus, all KeyHealth products include our Smart Baby Programme, adding several valuable benefits free of charge.


Would You Prefer to Manage Day-to-day Expenses Yourself?

Some plans, such as our Equilibrium option, allocate a portion of the premiums to a savings account, allowing members more freedom to choose how they manage their out-of-hospital medical expenses.

The KeyHealth medical aid range comprises six products, ensuring a plan to meet most needs and budgets. Furthermore, each includes the additional valuable core benefits of our free Health Booster, Easy-ER and Smart Baby Programme. Click here to view the full 2023 range.