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So Many Medical Aid Options, So Many Choices to Make

In today’s day and age medical insurance is one of the crucial items that should feature on every family’s budget. The thing is that you won’t ever need to medical insurance, until you do. With escalating costs of medical care continues to be on the mind of many South African families, and the worry of how they will be able to afford a hospital stay of any amount of time for a family member, more and more people are now considering their medical aid options.

While you will find that there are many options out there to choose from, you will do well to investigate the benefits and offerings of the schemes before coming to a final decision.

KeyHealth Medical Aid Scheme

At KeyHealth we provide our members with easy to understand and affordable medical aid options that has been designed for the modern day South African family. We are 100% committed to the health and wellbeing of our members. Our affordable medical aid options are competitively priced and are all supported by the excellent customer care and duly efficient administration that KeyHealth has become revered for.

Presently we provide our cover and services to more than 88,000 South Africans, with this number growing daily. When compared with the rest of the medical aid options available on the market, our options are head and shoulders above the rest.

Comprehensive Medical Aid Options to Choose From

We provide many options for our members that are tailored for the different needs of our vibrant and South African families that are as distinctive as they are:


  • The Essence Option: With this package our members are provided with basic hospital cover. This cover will be of great help and relief to our members should you ever be hospitalised, as you will be covered throughout your stay in hospital.
  • The Equilibrium Option: This option provides full hospital coverage at 100% of the agreed tariff. Services needed during your stay in hospital by in-hospital specialists will also be fully covered up to 150% of the MST. Our Equilibrium scheme also features a medical savings account. The savings account can be used to cover the out of hospital services as well as the daily benefits, such as visitors to the pharmacy, etc.
  • The Silver Option: The KeyHealth Silver scheme provides our members with 100% unlimited hospital cover at an agreed rate. The Silver scheme is one of our most popular medical aid options among young families since they receive great day to day cover.
  • The Gold Option: By choosing this option you will also receive unlimited 100% hospital cover at an agreed rate. The scheme also features generous day to day benefits and there is also a savings plan attached to this option.
  • The Platinum Option: This is our most comprehensive option and provides our members with full comprehensive cover. In the event of hospitalisation, the costs covered shall be unlimited, according to the agreed rate.

The KeyHealth Health Booster

Each of the above schemes can be augmented by our Health Booster cover. This cover is aimed at preventative treatment and healthy living and is an option that can add value to any of our members’ lives. For members who are looking for full comprehensive cover or just limited health cover KeyHealth has designed the solution that will fit your lifestyle and pocket.

Our friendly and seasoned staff will work with you from day one to explain all the benefits and intricacies of your cover to you and ensure that you are fully aware of the procedure to lodge a claim in the event that you’ll ever need to. Our consultants have a wealth of information to depart with and will work with you to ensure that all your needs are met and that you and your family are covered against any of life’s unforeseen happenstances.

With so many options available to choose from, you will be sure to find the scheme that meets the needs of your family. Allow us to help you save money with our many medical aid options. Speak to any of our sales professionals who will help you decide on the best medical aid products for you and your family.