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Enjoy the Freedom that Comes with Affordable Hospital Plan Quotes

These days everyone is looking into ways to save money. There are simply things in life that we can’t compromise on, however, and the health of our family is one of those things. You can find affordable hospital plan quotes that will offer your family the protection they need while not breaking the bank. For this, we at KeyHealth present many different hospital plan options for our members. With so many options available to choose from, every South African family can now afford to offer their family the care they need when it’s called for.

Nobody ever likes to think of fatal illnesses, car accidents, medical trauma or disabilities, but the reality is that these things happen. Life’s happenstances never announce itself and just appear, and you need to be prepared for it. Comparing hospital plan quotes is not only the most responsible way to search for hospital plans but is also the smartest way.

One of our most popular choices is the Essence package. With this package our members receive the assurance that they receive 100% full cover of an agreed fee in the event that any member on the plan be hospitalised. Have you ever thought about the cost of health care in South Africa these days? This plan covers theatre fees, intensive care and high care fees with pre-authorisation and psychiatric treatment. Members will also receive unlimited coverage for blood transfusion once the required pre-authorisation is in place.

There are many other benefits that the Essence package offers, including oncology cover and pathology, prosthetics and radiology treatments, to name but a few. This scheme is a great product for the family on a budget who wants to be covered against any unforeseen happenstance. Irrespective of who you are and where you work, you have to consider the medical and physical needs of your family.

Member-friendly Claims Process

We have worked hard to put in place efficient administration frameworks that make claiming a breeze. In many of the cases the doctor or hospital’s staff will submit the claim on behalf of the member. We will then be informed of the hospitalisation or the procedure. There might be times where the medical service provider will require cash payments before performing the procedure or offering their service. In this instance we will refund our members, provided they provide all the associated documentation of the service. You have up to four months after the procedure to claim your cash payment back from KeyHealth.

Phenomenal Growth in South Africa

These and many other reasons speak to the phenomenal growth that KeyHealth continues to experience, with over 88 000 South Africans joining our medical aid scheme and hospital plans, and the number just keeps growing! This is proof of the superior service they receive from our world class service.

Since our inception we have garnered the reputation of always putting our members’ needs first and we provide support where support is due. Our simplified and streamlined claims process is just one example of this. Another way we always strive to put the needs of our members first is by providing comprehensive and affordable hospital plan quotes that meet the needs of our varied and eclectic members.

Our experienced sales professionals will work with you to present you with an affordable and comprehensive medical scheme quote that will provide you with the necessary cover you need, at the price you can afford. Allow KeyHealth to provide you with the most comprehensive hospital plans and affordable medical aid packages available on the market today to ensure that you and your family may enjoy a happy and healthy life.