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How to Make a Medical Aid Comparison to Select the Cover You Need

In a world where vehicle accidents, life threatening diseases and the occasional flu scare are the norm rather than the exception, one cannot afford to take out medical aid to cover the costs of the service providers and medication. Although it is certainly possible to pay for all such related costs in cash, chances are that you may not have the large amounts in cash often associated with such medical emergency treatments.

Before you select a benefits package or medical aid service provider you should gather information regarding various schemes, payment information, claims procedures and the benefits packages offered. Once you have sufficient information you will be able to make a medical aid comparison. Once you have selected the most appropriate medical aid scheme, your next step is to compare the various packages offered by the scheme. This will help you decide which structure and package will be most suited to your budget and healthcare cover requirements.

At KeyHealth we are focused on customer service and thus ensure that you have several options to select from. We know how important it is to have adequate information to make a medical aid comparison and with that in mind we provide a comprehensive list of treatments covered in each benefits package.

We offer medical aid cover in five main packages and an additional Health Booster package for complete peace of mind. Our consultants are here to discuss the features of each package to help you make a comparison and ultimately select an option that will suit your budget, medical care requirements, and family size.

Essence Package

It is the ideal medical aid benefits package for people that require cover, but have limited budgets. It contains a basic hospital plan with up to 100% coverage of the agreed tariffs according to the specifications of the package. General hospital costs such as intensive care, theatre costs, and emergency care are covered with the set limitations in place. Pre-authorisation for hospitalisation and treatments is needed.

Equilibrium Package

It is the more advanced cover package allowing for full hospitalisation cost covering of the agreed tariff and is well-suited for the family. With costs associated with radiology, organ transplants and blood transfusions covered with set limitations in place, you have just that extra coverage needed for the unforeseen expenses. Pre-authorisation is needed for such treatments and you may still need to pay an additional fee for some of the treatments.

Silver Package

It is the best all-round package for families as it covers the same treatments and services as offered in the Essence and Equilibrium packages and some more. The cover includes a day to day cover and savings plan which can help you to pay less at the end of the day and receive more for your investment in your medical aid.

Gold Package

It is one of the two flagship packages that allows for rather comprehensive cover. This is definitely a package to consider for people who have histories of chronic diseases and want to ensure that they will be able to afford expensive procedures for long term and life threatening diseases. Coverage of up to 100% of the agreed tariff is offered for private and public hospitals with pre-authorisation in place.

Platinum Package

If you want complete peace of mind when it comes to medical aid then the flagship Platinum option is for you as it covers the same as the Gold package and more.

Health Booster

Although all our packages offer excellent benefits as will a comparison show, you may also want to consider the Health Booster as an optional extra. The idea behind the Health Booster is to cover preventative treatment rather than focus on treatment in response to an already existing condition. With the option you will thus get something in return for your commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Learn more about the packages by viewing our Benefits pages or by contacting one of our consultants to help you make a medical aid comparison to decide which package fits your particular needs.