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Cheap Medical Aids in South Africa

KeyHealth Medical offers South Africans cheap medical aids, which also include exceptional hospital and day to day benefits. Many of the cheaper medical aids only include basic payments, but we recognise the importance of having access to top quality medical care in case of emergency.

With the budget package available from us we ensure that you and your family will have a more affordable option without having to compromise on the quality of medical care. Accidents are part of life and one may be perfectly healthy, yet, still end up in a medical emergency situation. In such a situation, you will want to know that you will have access to state and private medical care and that the staff will do their best for you. Although medical staff is bound by ethic code to provide the best possible care in the circumstance some procedures are just too expensive and you may have to wait days to months for a spot on the waiting list simply because you don’t have the basic medical aid.

Our Essence package, although one of the cheap medical aids, cover operations, emergency care, the medicine received while hospitalised, and many of the procedures which you would have needed to pay if you had no medical cover.

Claims Procedure

With an easy to follow claims procedure, a lot of the red tape normally associated with medical aids claims is eliminated. Practitioners and hospitals normally submit the claims on the behalf of the members. It does, however, stay the responsibility of members to check that the procedures, services, and medication reflected on the claims statements are correct.

Should members find a discrepancy or more than one incorrect entry on their claims, they should contract the specific service provider immediately and enquire about the entries on the claims. Members are advised to immediately contact KeyHealth and alert us of the incorrect entries.

We notify members via email every time we process a claim, which helps the members to stay up to date with claims paid and to manage their expenses related to day to day benefits and hospitalisation more effectively.

Cash Payments

Where members pay cash for services rendered and covered by their particular benefits package, they can claim the payments back directly from KeyHealth. Some service providers want upfront cash payments for services and in other instances patients receive discounts for cash. Members are advised to keep exact account records and receipts for their payments and to submit such records to the Scheme when claiming for the service.

The procedure for claiming entails that the principal member signs the account after having checked it for accuracy and then posts it and the receipt to KeyHealth Claims Department. Members have four months from date of service to submit their claims and should mark their claims as “Refund Member”.

We also accept claim submissions through email or fax and notify the members through entries on their statements should the claims be illegible and rejected. Reimbursements for cash payments are paid directly into the member’s bank account on a monthly basis.


We believe in transparency and comprehensiveness of information available to members. As such we offer information regarding reference pricing, benefits packages, claims procedures, pre-hospitalisation authorisation and important news on our website. Members can also contact us via email, post or telephonically should they need more information about a specific topic.

We welcome open communication and as such make various ways of communication with our claims department possible.

KeyHealth thus offers more than just cheap medical aids. We give you streamlined medical aid management and are committed to your well-being.