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Medical Aids with Hospital Plans in South Africa

People often seek information about hospital plans in South Africa because they are looking for more affordable cover for the essential treatment than offered by comprehensive medical aid. One should, however, understand that many of the better medical aids are still affordable with comprehensive hospital plans included in addition to day to day benefits.

Hospital plans on the other hand only cover in hospital treatments and often only from the second or third day, which poses a problem. The essential treatments and emergency care are usually provided within the first two days and form the largest portion of the treatment expenses.

A comprehensive medical aid as offered by KeyHealth Medical Scheme includes various levels of coverage and some of the best hospital plans in South Africa.

Hospital Cash Plan

One should further note that a hospital cash plan is not medical insurance. It is simply a benefits plan that allows for cash payments to the person who is hospitalised for every day in the hospital. These types of plans are aimed at giving the individual extra cash on hand for additional costs and to partially cover the loss of income during their hospital stay.

The hospital plans in South Africa forming part of medical aid schemes cover the medical treatments and do not entail cash pay-outs directly to the member’s account for every day spent in hospital.

Increase in Health Risks

As one grows older, medical health risks increase. Cardiovascular diseases, heart attacks, cancers, as well as eye and organ problems become more prevalent. With such, also comes the potential of hospitalisation on a regular basis, transplants, and other expensive medical costs. It thus becomes essential to have a good medical aid that will cover chronic diseases, life threatening conditions, and all the medical risks associated with ageing.

Five Levels of Cover

KeyHealth offers members five levels of coverage and an additional Health Booster plan. As a single young adult, you may want to opt for the Essence package that will cover essential medical treatments, and includes a hospital plan with certain limitations. As you grow older your income may also increase. At this stage you may want to upgrade to the Equilibrium package and once you plan on starting a family move to the Silver package.