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Meaningful Medical Aid Options for All in 2018


You may be new to the world of medical aid cover or you may be contemplating a move from one scheme to another, because you intend resigning from your current company to take up employment at another during the course of 2018. Nowadays, unlike years ago, not all large employers belong to a group medical aid scheme that compels its employees to join their particular scheme, unless their spouse is already contributing to a medical aid scheme that covers all family members.

Changed Landscape

Additionally, the employment landscape has changed in South Africa. Because of economic necessity and high unemployment, more people are working for smaller companies that do not offer a fringe benefit package that includes subsidised medical aid membership. Then, there is also another group; in true South African entrepreneurial spirit, people are establishing their own independent small businesses.

These folks are truly in need of an affordable, private medical aid option, particularly the latter group. If they are taken ill or are off work, they do not earn, they are completely reliant on their own resources. It is really imperative that they have good medical cover for health eventualities in 2018 – when life happens (and sooner or later, it will).

Moreover, state health and medical facilities are overburdened by the force of patient numbers seeking free, government-subsidised healthcare. Try as they may and do, they simply cannot cope effectively, particularly considering ever-increasing input and operational costs. Private medical aid membership is essential, no longer a luxury, providing that one finds an effective, affordable option.

Effective, Affordable Medical Aid Options

It is 2018 and times are tough. Fortunately, KeyHealth offers a range of six excellent medical aid options, one more than previously, with the addition of our very affordable Origin option. Irrespective of each plan’s required monthly 2018 contribution, all KeyHealth’s options include disaster or major medical expenses cover, chronic medication, cover for PMBs, and supplementary services cover, plus three free additional benefits.

Please review the most salient benefits, terms, and conditions elsewhere on this user-friendly website or contact us directly to take up your optimal option in 2018.