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Key to Moving to Another Medical Scheme


If, for any reason, you are considering a move to another medical aid scheme, you should not take this decision lightly or make it in haste, lest you find that you have inadvertently shot yourself in the foot, once the deed is done and the move has become a fait accompli.

Importance of Informed Decisions

Although you are probably aware that it is essential to make changes only after making an informed decision, the secret of changing and making a move to another medical scheme successfully and satisfactorily lies in the accuracy and extent of the information that you obtain. This must be done thoroughly, prior to taking any action, such as signing papers, resigning membership with one and applying for membership of and joining the next. Obtaining as much information as is available is one thing; thoroughly understanding the information is quite another, otherwise you are just as much – or more – in the dark as you were before you began the process of moving to another medical scheme.

Comparing Apples with Apples

This begs the question of how much you know and understand about your current medical scheme that you wish to leave. Are you aware of all the benefits, exclusions, terms, and conditions that apply to the plan to which you presently subscribe, versus those of the preferred alternative scheme? Remember, you will need to compare apples with apples to accurately assess how the old and new schemes and plans weigh up against one another, as well as all the aspects and benefits for which you will be eligible under the new scheme’s provisions. If you do not have and understand these, you are not yet ready to make an informed decision or choice. When and if you decide to make the move, will waiting periods apply, and if so, for how long and for which conditions? Will there be initial or long-term exclusions, particularly for claims arising from pre-existing medical conditions? Are co-payments required? If so, approximately for how much would you be liable?

Most medical schemes do not penalise new members who move straight from one to the next company, without any break in membership or those who have been without cover for less than 90 days. It is illegal to belong to more than one medical scheme at the same time. What notice of termination of membership applies? This information will enable you to terminate membership of the old immediately prior to the commencement of your membership of the new scheme to which you are moving.

Considering KeyHealth

Our medical aid scheme, KeyHealth, is already known as one of South Africa’s most affordable medical insurance schemes, but there are other really important advantages to belonging or moving to KeyHealth:

  • KeyHealth offers six plans, which are smart, simple, transparent, and easy to understand, as is the way in which we conduct business at KeyHealth.
  • We make core, relevant information about each option available on our website, virtually at a glance.

Nevertheless, you owe it to yourself to do more than glance at our plans. Read through the relevant information thoroughly; make certain that you understand everything and contact us or one of our brokers if you have any questions about how to move to KeyHealth Medical Aid and the best way to do so.