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Factors that Determine Your Medical Aid Quote for 2018


There is one certainty about the cost of virtually all products, commodities, and services. Costs will increase, as surely as the sun rises and sets every day. Special promotions or discounts are offered from time to time by various retailers or service providers, usually for ridding their outlet or group of old stock or as a tool to boost turnover quickly and reawaken buyers’ interest.

Costs Constantly Increasing

In 2018, the effects of a price increase in one commodity can again be rapidly observed as having a direct or indirect bearing on the costs of almost every other. This also applies to the quotes for medical costs and services, whether it be the prices of medications, hospitalisation, operating theatre fees, consumables, doctors’ and specialists’ fees, rentals of consulting rooms, utilities and services, fuel costs (that have a knock-on effect on emergency service vehicles), and many more…

Medical aid schemes are only permitted to adjust membership contributions once per annum. Adjustments are generally announced and publicised late during the previous year (2017), to take effect as from January the following year (2018). The costs of medical services and medications that may increase during any particular year have to be borne by medical aid schemes until the end of the year in question. They’re only taken into account during the next year, 2018 in this instance, and will typically be instrumental in determining the usual increase in the annual membership contribution rate. Unfortunately, all the factors mentioned that influence prices or costs, plus a multitude not mentioned, have an impact on all medical scheme plans’ options, range of benefits, and the size and cost of members’ contributions.

KeyHealth’s Cost-Curtailing Culture

At KeyHealth, affordable pricing is paramount. It is an integral part of our company’s culture. We’re consistently recognised for our competitive, affordable medical aid plans; we strive to keep our quotes for members’ contributions for medical care cover as affordable and low as possible. Curtailing costs and increases, without compromising on the quality and content of each plan’s membership benefits, may be noted when you look at those that are applicable for 2018. The comparative monthly contributions listed below for 2018 are those that apply to main members:

  • Essence – R1 360
  • Origin 2018 – R1 600
  • Equilibrium – R1 795
  • Silver – R3 216
  • Gold – R4 065
  • Platinum – R7 408

How to get your KeyHealth quote for 2018:

  • Firstly, get an idea of which KeyHealth plan/s may best suit you in 2018 by looking at our website, getting familiar with the company and its products, and focusing on what cover you’re likely to use and can afford.
  • Click on the Get a Quote option under the Join Now heading. Complete the online enquiry form and submit it to us at KeyHealth. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Under the same heading, you’re welcome to request more information and advice.
  • You’re free to use our broker network or pop in to our walk-in offices.

However you prefer, make the wise, affordable choice for medical aid cover in 2018 after getting your quote. Do yourself, your health, and your pocket a favour. Come to KeyHealth for smart and simple medical aid cover.

*Disclaimer: Rates and tariffs are subject to change. Please contact us for further information.