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KeyHealth – Where Cheap Medical Aid Means Affordable Medical Cover


When we, at KeyHealth, speak of a cheap medical aid, if referring to our own medical scheme (KeyHealth), we truly do not mean “cheap and nasty”, which is typically a grand waste of money in the long run. We mean low monthly membership contributions and affordable medical aid plans. However, we urge our existing and potential new members to keep in mind that “cheap” or “affordable” is a factor that is instrumental in determining value for money: the reasonable return for/value of our cover and benefits in relation to the cost thereof.

Value for Money

Also remember that anything that has a value attached to it is likely to be important, which medical aid membership in South Africa most certainly is nowadays. In fact, medical aid membership is invaluable and absolutely essential in this country, where it seems that state-run medical facilities and resources are heading for collapse, alarmingly so and at a rapid rate.

Pure and Simple Cheap Medical Aid

KeyHealth is able to offer cheap medical aid plans, because we offer our members what they want, need, and expect, which is inexpensive medical aid cover, without various fripperies that have absolutely nothing to do with medical aid, and everything to do with attracting new members by offering so-called additional extra benefits, for which someone, somewhere nevertheless pays eventually.

Our KeyHealth medical aid rates are cheap when compared to the charges of many other schemes and their options that provide similar, real medical aid benefits, excluding non-medical, superfluous perceived benefits. Here, simple and smart equals fewer and cheaper overhead costs, from which our medical aid members reap the benefits.

Six Affordable KeyHealth Plans

We take pleasure in listing our affordable KeyHealth plans here, beginning with the option that is the cheapest, and ending with the plan that provides the most comprehensive cover, and therefore costs more than the cheap options.

  • Essence: no MSA (medical savings account), day to day, or out of hospital benefits, although disaster and major medical expenses, chronic medication cover, PMBs, and supplementary services are covered, as they are throughout all our KeyHealth plans.
  • Origin: does include some day to day, out of hospital benefits, as well as dentistry cover, which depends on the amount available in routine benefit allocation.
  • Equilibrium: conservative unlimited dentistry cover, subject to conditions.
  • Silver: a far larger MSA.
  • Gold: includes specialised dentistry and more cover for in-hospital procedures.
  • Platinum: offers KeyHealth’s most comprehensive cover, both in and out of hospital, and includes costly services, such as dialysis and organ transplant.


Depending on the KeyHealth plan, its cover, and its limits, certain conditions apply, which are easily obtained elsewhere on this website, where each plan’s cover and benefits are displayed.

Where benefit limits and exclusions apply, they are understandably and unavoidably more prevalent in the cheaper plans, but this does not negate the advantages of belonging to an inexpensive, affordable KeyHealth medical aid plan, rather than going without private medical cover, and hoping and praying for the best. Unfortunately, illness, accidents, and the need for private medical aid cover is not likely to diminish in South Africa anytime soon. Cheap or comprehensive, KeyHealth has a medical aid plan for you.