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Benefits of Having a Medical Aid


Are there any benefits to not belonging to a medical aid? Hardly, if any, is the direct and honest answer. Sure, you may have some extra money left in your pocket at the beginning of each month, once you have paid all your regular monthly expenses, but beware of the possible consequences.

Without the benefits of being a member of a medical aid, what will you do if you fall seriously ill, are involved in an accident, or are injured in any other way, and you desperately need medical intervention, hospitalisation, and the expert attention of doctors, medical specialists, and other in-hospital personnel, procedures, and services?

There is a Catch

Government hospitals and healthcare clinics are available to all South African citizens, as well as people from elsewhere who are living, working, or visiting here, so you could go to a state medical facility and receive the necessary treatment, surgery, and medication, but there is a catch.

Recurring Scenarios

There may be no bed available in the wards for an additional patient. Diagnostic and treatment machines may be out of service. The hospital pharmacy may have run out of the medication you require, or the nursing staff may be on strike for better work conditions. These are actual scenarios that unfortunately repeat themselves periodically in state medical facilities.

Importance of Medical Aid Benefits and Cover

While we, at KeyHealth medical scheme, do not wish to paint a picture of doom and gloom about prevailing medical matters in South Africa today, we are compelled to express the importance of belonging to a medical aid scheme, and having the benefits and cover provided in and by the medical aid plan you have selected.

  • The benefits and cover you have at your disposal, in accordance with your medical aid plan, help you pay for your medical aid claims, which may be considerable or otherwise downright unaffordable, beyond your financial means.
  • You may consult a doctor of your choice, who is in private practice, preferably a doctor who is a member of our KeyHealth DSP network to avoid co-payments. If you do not have the benefit of medical aid membership, you will probably see a different doctor at a state facility each time, providing that you are able to see a doctor at all.
  • There is no waiting in endlessly long queues at a private medical practice. You see your doctor as and when you need his attention, if you are a medical aid member.
  • You are able to build a relationship with your GP.
  • If you require hospitalisation, you may be admitted to a private hospital, ideally one in our hospital network. Remember that pre-authorisation is required, unless in an emergency situation.
  • When your selected KeyHealth plan includes day to day, routine, out of hospital benefits, you may collect your chronic medication and prescribed medicines at your nearest KeyHealth designated pharmacy, without delay or waiting all day in a queue.


Affordable Medical Aid Benefits and Solutions

KeyHealth medical aid is known and respected as being one of South Africa’s most affordable, straightforward medical schemes, because we exclude perceived benefits that are intended to tempt people into joining a scheme. We offer you a selection of six smart, easily understood plans that provide you with a variety of essential and additional real medical aid benefits. We look forward to receiving your membership application soon.