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Medical Aid with Benefits, the KeyHealth Way


If you belong to a recognised, reputable medical aid scheme’s medical aid plan, you receive benefits in return for your specified monthly monetary contribution. There is no question that this is so, in all such scenarios, as long as your contribution payments are 100% up to date, ensuring that your membership of the relevant medical aid is current and correct.

Paying for Benefits

What are your medical aid benefits, or more to the point, what should the benefits be? There is no such thing as a free lunch, so it is logical that you get what you pay for. In this case, you receive the benefits for which you have paid, according to the stipulations of your medical aid plan. The more comprehensive the plan, the more it will cost you, but in turn, the more benefits you will receive.

Why Have Medical Aid

However, to investigate the “benefit” question, one must ascertain why you would join a medical aid scheme in the first place. What is it supposed to do for you? In essence, your medical aid plan is designed to help you afford and pay for medical expenses of various types, but in particular, those may cost hundreds of thousands of Rands, usually while hospitalised, and are totally beyond the means of most salary earners.

Bona Fide Medical Benefits

Simply put, this is why people seek bona fide medical aid benefits, for when they are needed. At the very least, knowing that you have access to medical aid benefits provides you with immense peace of mind, removing a potentially stressful cause for concern.

Do not fall into the trap of becoming confused by medical aid funds that offer all sorts of free non-medical add-ons. Such additional “benefits” are really only marketing tools of the companies concerned, designed to attract members and users of their products and services. At the end of the day, these parties typically derive benefits from such marketing initiatives, rather than you, via your paid-for membership.

This is not the KeyHealth way. At KeyHealth, we provide our members with smart, straightforward, and realmedical aid benefits, no fancy additions, but with threefree benefits, all medically relevant, for all our members.