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KeyHealth – The Smart, No-Nonsense Medical Aid Scheme in South Africa


When things are tough financially, most people have to tighten their belts a bit. One of the first things many people do, is cancel their memberships to one of the medical aid schemes in South Africa. They also tend to look for other methods of cutting their cost of living. Whether you reside in South Africa, or anywhere else in the world you have probably had to resort to lean living at one point or another.

Cutting Non-Essential Expenses

What expense is not essential that the family can do without or dispense with? Many people in South Africa think that they do not need a medical aid scheme membership, especially if they have always been strong, fit, and healthy, rarely even taking a day’s sick leave.

Do not Tempt Fate

Ask yourself if you can afford not having a medical aid in modern-day South Africa. The answer is no, unless you think that tempting fate is a wise decision. A medical emergency creates unplanned extra expenses. There is no guarantee that a potentially costly event will never occur.

If your health, recovery, or life depends on receiving immediate medical attention and treatment, but you do not have the means to pay, what will you do? Even worse, what if the patient is your dependant, a loved one? Accidents, illness, disease, and medical emergencies do not discriminate. Hoping and wishing that you will never be in one of these situations, is not good enough.

Avoid Taking Chances

Do not take chances, or gamble with your health or life. The resources of government health facilities cannot cope with all the demands. You cannot rely on these institutions for adequate, timely medical intervention, and quick expert treatment at the drop of a hat.

One of the Top Medical Aid Schemes in South Africa

You need to join a private medical aid scheme, without delay. If your employer subsidises employees’ medical aid memberships as part of salary packages, you are one of the lucky ones. This is no longer the South African norm, as it once was. Put your health first. Join a good, smart, and no-nonsense medical aid scheme like KeyHealth.