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Obtaining and Understanding Medical Scheme Quotes


Would you ever purchase goods or services without knowing how much they are going to cost you? Would you go ahead and buy without knowledge about what you can expect in return for your money? Without a doubt, irrespective of your financial status, the answer to both questions would be a resounding “No”. Nowadays, everyone obtains one or more quotes for any product or service for which they are shopping, be it for mustard or membership of a medical scheme. There is no shame in asking about prices – it’s actually wise, expected, and respected. Only the very wealthy might be unconcerned about what they pay for commodities.

Social and Economic Changes

Long ago, before the advent of medical schemes, the world emerged from the devastating effects of and financial chaos wrought by the Great Depression of the ‘30s, people worldwide slowly picked themselves up, many from abject poverty. They began to rebuild their lives as best they could. In America, economic recovery was greatly assisted by President Franklin Roosevelt’s innovative New Deal, a successful policy that was designed to achieve such recovery.

In South Africa, many of this country’s citizens were of farming stock; some had little or no formal education. They knew few other ways of procuring an income, other than from agriculture. The effects of the Depression created a desperately poor class in South Africa that was forced by economic hardship into towns and cities to feed their families and survive, hoping that they would not need medical care. There, those who were fortunate were only able to find menial work. Honour and pride was all they owned, which was a bitter pill to swallow Those who still had their health were the lucky ones; medical aids did not yet exist.

Difficulty in Understanding Medical Aid Quotes

Today, things are immeasurably better but a lot more complicated as well. Yes, obtaining a medical aid quote these days is easier than ever before and most people make use of modern technology online, by means of a mobile device or a computer. In addition, most medical aid schemes will acknowledge receipt of your enquiry automatically, at once, advising you that a consultant or the company will contact you as soon as possible. This means that thus far, your request for a quote has been easy as pie.

However, do you understand the quote and the information therein, sent to you by the medical scheme? Medical aid benefits, terms, and conditions, as well as exclusions, are usually complex matters, so complex that that for which you are expected to pay, according to the quote, is confusing and difficult to understand. Most medical schemes offer umpteen plans, each with its own set of rules, conditions, and so-called free peripheral benefits, creating even more confusion.

This is where KeyHealth medical scheme and its quotes are so unique. We offer six smart, straightforward, and easily understood plans, free of elements that fall outside matters medical – smart, transparent, pure and simple medical aid quotes and cover, easy to understand and utilise – the key to KeyHealth. Contact us for medical scheme quotes today.