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KeyHealth Medical Scheme Benefits Help You Care for Yourself


No intelligent person pays hard-earned money to an organisation month after month, year after year, without a good reason. The person making the payments expects to derive some type of benefit from their contributions, whether it is to watch satellite television, collect wines via a wine club membership, or receive other benefits from their insurer or medical scheme.

The fundamental benefits one receives from belonging to a medical scheme should be many, providing that you belong to a medical scheme that works effectively and efficiently for your benefit, wherever and whenever possible. The scheme’s charges, which are your contributions, should be as affordable as possible.

Monetary Value

It is important for any and every member to know that the money, which they spend to belong to a medical scheme, not only provides them with benefits, but value for money as well. The price/benefit components are integrally linked to value (how important the benefits you potentially receive are to you).

Although you hope to never or seldom claim your medical scheme benefits, the reassurance that comes from knowing that you will have medical aid benefits and cover when you require essential medical care is invaluable to your peace of mind.

More Important Every Day

Belonging to a private medical scheme, either open or closed, is vital in South Africa today. In fact, medical aid membership is even more important than it was when we last communicated with our readers. It also appears as though private medical schemes and benefits will be even more important in the future.

Regrettably, if one heeds media reports and the latest statements from the Minister of Health, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, public health services are in dire straits. In some areas, they are on the verge of collapsing, while in others, state healthcare facilities have already collapsed or closed. There are no public benefits to be experienced there at all.

KeyHealth Care

Do not get caught without medical scheme benefits. It is not worth the risk. Look after yourself by taking a good look at the medical benefits offered by medical schemes. Remember to include KeyHealth, South Africa’s smart and affordable medical scheme provider.