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Understanding High Medical Aid Prices and Seeking Solutions


You get what you pay for, and everything has a price. There is hardly anyone who has not heard these clichés many times before. This is because they happen to be true. While there are undoubtedly people who are not price conscious, most people are very aware of costs, especially in 2018.

High Prices on Everything

Recently, the cost of living has risen exponentially in this country. The prices of essentials, such as food, fuel, housing, electricity, utilities, services, clothing, education, and medical care have gone through the roof, while salaries have not kept pace. VAT has risen too, and the rand remains under pressure. All these factors are bound to have an inflationary effect on the economy, and have already increased the prices of virtually everything.

Hospital Casualties

Overhead costs in government-funded hospitals are also casualties of the spiking costs that prevail in South Africa. Additionally, hospitals’ resources are insufficient to cater for the medical needs and assistance that masses of people require. Again, this affects the pockets of citizens, who are compelled to find and fund their own medical and health care out of their own pockets, by joining a private medical aid, and forking out whatever prices are charged by medical aid schemes, month after month.

Moreover, you are virtually guaranteed that medical aid prices will increase annually, simply because the other factors that determine prices of all medical-related things cost more. This begs the question: what can you do to afford paying the current prices charged by medical aid funds?

What to Do About High Medical Aid Prices

Do you want to know what to do about high medical aid prices? Firstly, do not panic. Secondly, compare registered medical aid scheme. Use the internet, and ask others which medical aids they use, and what they think of their medical aid plans. Compare those that you have short-listed as possible alternatives.

Remember to evaluate the cover provided by each fund’s plans against the prices charged, to establish the actual value of what is on offer. Keep your own needs and requirements in mind, to enable you to fine tune your search for an alternative affordable option.

Ensure that you take a good look at the plans offered by KeyHealth, a medical aid scheme with six plans, which are known for their low prices, and provide maximum possible benefits and cover. Here is a basic outline of our different plans, as well as their prices:

  • Essence – R1 360
  • Origin – R1 600
  • Equilibrium – R1 795
  • Silver – R3 216
  • Gold – R4 065
  • Platinum – R7 408


KeyHealth also makes it easy for you to review your medical aid needs from scratch, beginning with reviewing your age group, current stage of life, and the plans that are most likely to meet your current needs. The higher the price of KeyHealth’s plans, the more comprehensive the benefits offered by each plan become, and the fewer exclusions it has.

As we stated at the beginning of this article, you get what you pay for, and everything has its price. Regardless, the prices charged by KeyHealth are very competitive and affordable, when compared with the medical aid benefits that you receive.


Please note that the prices are correct at the time of publishing – 26 June 2018