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KeyHealth Medical Aid – Value for Money Quality Healthcare


KeyHealth medical aid is an established medical scheme with roots tracing back to the early 20th century. Currently boasting a membership in the region of 95,000, KeyHealth strives to ensure that its members receive exceptional value for their money through dedicated service excellence.

The KeyHealth medical aid scheme operates democratically, with the board of trustees elected by the members themselves. Emphasising simplicity, KeyHealth offers comprehensive healthcare solutions without unnecessary complexities. Our focus is the delivery of unparalleled value to our members. We are committed to providing more cover, more care, and more simplicity in healthcare. We aim to give our members the best possible experience when dealing with their medical aid provider.

KeyHealth medical aid offers state-of-the-art, affordable and accessible healthcare solutions. Our approach is transparent and member-centric, ensuring that every Rand spent delivers maximum value. With a deep understanding of our members’ needs using real-time health data, we tailor our services to suit the diverse South African market and are always at the service of our members, providing affordable medical aid and all-encompassing healthcare management services.


You Get More Value with a KeyHealth Medical Aid

As a member of KeyHealth medical aid, you can expect to receive excellent value for several reasons.

We are known for offering competitive pricing, ensuring that members receive quality healthcare cover at affordable rates. Our schemes operate on a non-profit basis, prioritising the needs and good health of our members over the pursuit of profits.

KeyHealth medical aid provides comprehensive coverage for a wide range of medical services, including hospitalisation, consultations, medication, chronic illness management, and preventative care. Members can access a large network of hospitals and healthcare service providers across South Africa, ensuring convenient access to quality healthcare services whenever and wherever they may be needed.

We are committed to ensuring transparency in pricing by making members aware of the costs associated with their healthcare services. Our medical aid options provide clear and concise information about premiums, co-payments, and benefits allowing members to make informed decisions about their healthcare needs and what cover they can afford.


You Qualify for Additional Benefits

Driven by our commitment to providing exceptional value to our members, KeyHealth medical aid offers several value-added benefits at no extra cost. We have introduced innovative additional benefits designed to enhance our members’ healthcare experience. Easy-ER, for instance, is a pioneering programme that provides all KeyHealth beneficiaries, apart from those on our entry-level hospital plan, direct access to a hospital’s emergency room for urgent medical treatment at no extra cost.

In addition to Easy-ER, we offer the KeyHealth Smart Baby Programme, an invaluable resource for expecting mothers. This programme provides comprehensive maternity benefits, along with support and advice on the health and wellness of the baby and mother throughout pregnancy.

Our Health Booster preventative care benefit, aimed at promoting the overall health and well-being of our beneficiaries, includes essential services such as vaccinations, early detection testing, medication, and support for weight loss. Preventative care helps members stay healthy and avoid unnecessary hospitalisation. These free benefits are evidence of our member-centric approach to healthcare.


Class-leading Customer Service and Governance

By prioritising the needs of its members and striving to provide personalised and responsive customer service, KeyHealth medical aid assists members in a timely manner with inquiries, rapid and accurate claims processing, and good administration, ensuring a positive experience with their medical scheme.

KeyHealth Medical is financially stable and well-managed, ensuring the long-term sustainability of the scheme. Members can have the utmost confidence in our ability to fulfil our obligations and provide uninterrupted cover for their healthcare needs.

As a member of a KeyHealth medical aid scheme, you become part of a community of like-minded individuals who prioritise their health and well-being. The scheme fosters a sense of belonging and support among its members creating a supportive environment for achieving health goals. Overall, your membership offers excellent value through affordable options, comprehensive coverage, transparent pricing, value-added benefits, personalised service and financial stability. With KeyHealth Medical, members can have peace of mind knowing that their healthcare needs are well taken care of.


Choose a Medical Aid Focused on Its Members’ Needs

As one of South Africa’s oldest and most trusted medical schemes, our focus remains to provide members with the essential healthcare benefits they need at a cost that they can afford. KeyHealth medical aid offers the best value-for-money healthcare possible without compromising on the quality of care. For affordable, quality healthcare cover, contact KeyHealth today for more information or visit our website.