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All Needs and Budgets are Catered for With KeyHealth Medical Aid 2023 Benefits


Few South Africans could enjoy private healthcare without financial support. Luckily, KeyHealth Medical Aid 2023 benefits ensure affordable cover for most. The pandemic was a rude awakening for many who chose not to purchase medical aid and relied on the public sector to meet their healthcare requirements. In the city, companies closed their doors, and people lost their jobs, leaving many unable to continue paying for membership in a medical scheme. However, ensuring sufficient medical cover for you and your loved ones should be a top priority.

The declining South African economy is pressuring citizens to choose more affordable medical aid options. This year’s lineup from KeyHealth offers sufficiently inexpensive options to suit most of the nation’s gainfully employed citizens. It consists of six products as follows:


  • Essence: This is an entry-level hospital plan with a difference. It offers an affordable entrée for low-income families by extending its in-hospital cover with selected day-to-day, chronic and supplementary benefits. For example, the latter includes psychiatric treatment, medical appliances, ambulance services and endoscopic procedures, to name just a few.


  • Origin: This product is the second most affordable in the range of KeyHealth medical aid 2023 benefits. Its low-cost comprehensive cover delivers unbeatable value for money by combining an unlimited private hospital plan with more specified day-to-day benefits than Essence and includes cover for 26 chronic illnesses.


  • Equilibrium: As its title suggests, this KeyHealth option aims to ensure peace of mind and body by balancing an unlimited hospital plan with additional everyday cover, including up to 100% of the cost of transplant surgery, specialised dentistry, maxillo-facial surgery, dialysis, oncology and pathology plus up to R20K for MRI and CT scans. The Equilibrium option also includes a medical savings account, allowing members more control over managing their day-to-day medical expenses.


  • Silver: For a few Rands more, members who select the Silver membership will qualify for all of the above benefits and much more. Members with poor eyesight, for example, will appreciate the inclusion of additional cover to meet the cost of contact lenses.


  • Gold: Like the yellow metal from which this option takes its name, your health is a precious commodity worthy of extra protection. This option from the KeyHealth collection adds superior cover for day-to-day needs, 44 chronic conditions, and out-of-hospital mental healthcare to an unlimited hospital plan with increased savings.


  • Platinum: The name says it all, and Platinum is the ideal choice for those who need and want it all.


This is merely an overview. For more in-depth information about KeyHealth medical aid 2023 benefits, why not download our brochure or get in touch with us directly to learn more?