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Is a Hospital Plan Sufficient Medical Insurance for You?


While there is no price one can put on the value of your health, we are all subject to a budget and need to make choices that best support both our physical and our financial health. Luckily, with KeyHealth this does not mean you have to compromise on the quality of cover you get.

KeyHealth offers a range of medical insurance plans to meet each and every need, including a hospital plan that provides a more affordable solution to those who do not need daily benefits, but would like cover if they were to need hospitalisation.

Who Benefits from a Hospital Plan?

This choice usually depends on the health of the individual. Those who are in good health and tend to not visit GPs or specialists on a regular basis can save money on monthly premiums by choosing a hospital plan only.

This way, they pay less per month, while still enjoying the peace of mind that the exorbitant costs of hospitalisation will be covered if they were ever to need it.

The KeyHealth Essence Option

The KeyHealth Essence hospital plan is very competitive when compared to the hospital plans of other medical schemes, both in terms of the monthly premium and the range of benefits and cover it offers.

Aside from covering a range of costs associated with hospitalisation, this insurance option also provides these free additional benefits:

  • Easy-ER: Free, direct access to any hospital’s ER facility for urgent medical treatment. No upfront payments required. Includes cover for dental emergencies.
  • Health Booster: Aimed at preventative treatment and early detection. Includes a dental check-up, malaria medication, baby immunisations, flu vaccine, pap smear, HIV test, mammogram, prostate test, general health assessment, weight loss benefits and maternity benefits.
  • Smart Baby Program: Offers great maternity benefits, support, general advice on health and wellness, and making the journey as enjoyable as possible for you.


Download more information on the KeyHealth Essence hospital plan, or get in touch with a friendly consultant if you had more questions regarding our medical insurance options.