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How Do I Choose A Medical Aid Plan? Start by Asking Yourself These Questions


Now, probably more than ever in recent history, the topic of healthcare is one that many of us are focussing our efforts and resources on. Not only does the threat of COVID-19 hang over society, but financially we also have to consider how we will pay for the necessary care if anything has to happen to our health. South Africa has a robust medical aid market, and users have many service providers and even more plans to choose from.

So how do you choose the right plan for you and your family? Where do you even start navigating all these plans, comparing the value you are getting, and assessing all the features of every plan? The answer is to start with yourself. Identify your needs and abilities, and choose the plan that best suits your unique situation.

To help you get started on your journey to choosing a medical aid plan, ask yourself these questions:

What is the status of your health?

First, you need to ask yourself a couple of questions:

  • How often do you visit a doctor?
  • Do you have any chronic ailments?
  • Do you need specialist visits covered?
  • Are you planning to start or expand on your family in the near future?

Once you’ve answered these questions you will be able to identify the benefits you need, as this will determine the right plan for you.

What is your budget?

There is no point in choosing a plan that you cannot afford. After all, a medical aid plan should make access to medical care more affordable for you. Be realistic and identify the amount you are willing to spend. Let this help guide your choice.

Are you looking for a comprehensive or hospital plan?

If you visit your GP often, a comprehensive plan might suit you better. However, if you seldom use your medical benefits, and are willing to pay for day-to-day out of hospital benefits yourself, a hospital plan might be more affordable for you. Remember, in accordance with the law, both comprehensive and hospital plans provide basic cover for certain chronic conditions.

What is the waiting period when joining?

Depending on your age, your medical history, and the plan you choose, a waiting period might apply before some of the benefits kick in. Make sure whether this is in place and whether it affects you.

What are the conditions of the scheme or plan you choose?

Read the fine print or ask a consultant to make sure you understand any co-payments expected from you, limits on certain cover features, and any potential exclusions.

Making it easy to choose a medical aid plan: Use the KeyHealth questionnaire

By answering a handful of easy questions – such as your family status, age, and so forth, we will provide you with a product comparison and recommendation as to what suits your specific requirements best. If you have any more questions, talk to one of our friendly consultants, and we’ll help you choose a medical aid plan that is perfect for you.