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Looking for an Affordable Hospital Plan? KeyHealth Has You Covered


Most individuals are no strangers to setting up a budget: from calculating your first budget by seeing how much tuckshop you could realistically buy with your pocket money, to saving up for your first car, to moving into your first home. Along with all the other familiar pains of adulthood, finding the right, affordable medical aid will certainly become a priority sooner rather than later. Along with finding the right plan, it’s also crucial that it not only fits your lifestyle, but fits your budget, too.

When searching for the right medical aid, the go-to move for most people is doing a lengthy and in-depth web search of the most affordable options out there. As the options come rolling in, the next step is to see which plans suit your specific needs best. It seems pretty straightforward at first, but as soon as you get going, it’s as if all your budgeting and researching skills (as well as your patience) decided to flee the scene. Needless to say, it can get overwhelming. This becomes especially true when every second option is trying to convince you that you need something extra and every quote starts looking vastly different from that initial glorious promise that lured you into researching the option in the first place.

To help you get going, take a look at our guidelines for finding an affordable medical aid in South Africa without having to compromise the quality of your plan.

Now, you have your budget set and you’re finally ready to start looking for the right option. To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve set up some basic tips for finding the right KeyHealth plan within your budget.


Which KeyHealth Plan Is the Most Affordable?

When looking for an affordable medical plan, it’s important to compare the monthly premium to the benefits you will receive. Ultimately, every plan and premium are extremely relative to the benefits you will receive and the long-term advantages associated with them. Therefore, we encourage individuals to focus on which benefits they consider a priority, and which benefits they can compromise on. Once you have an idea, it’s easier to pinpoint the specific plans that will save you money in the long run. In the end, you are looking for a plan that will cover you when you need it most, and that will protect you from financial ruin in the case of a medical emergency.


Your Budget Is Set – Now What?

At KeyHealth, we offer six tailored medical aid plans, all including free benefits and support programs. These 2021 plans range from our Essence Option, all the way to our Platinum Option. When browsing through the different options on our website, each option has a clear list of what it covers as well as what is not included. To keep to our promise of staying as clear and transparent as possible, you can find the 2021 monthly premiums per member when selecting each plan on our website. This will save you a lot of time and eliminates the endless back and forth that many medical schemes require before eventually giving you your quote.


The Essence 2021 Option

Essence 2021 is the plan with the lowest monthly premium, yet ensures that all your basics are covered and that you have all the fundamental benefits. This plan is popular amongst young adults as it covers all hospital-related costs as well as injuries suffered as a result of an accident. For those who are healthy and fit and generally don’t need to pop in to visit their GP too often, this plan might be the perfect fit. This plan does not include cover for back surgery, joint replacements (for example, hip and knee) or hernia procedures requiring a prosthesis / internal fixation device.


The Equilibrium 2021 Option

Equilibrium 2021 is tailored for those who are looking for some middle ground. If your budget allows you to choose a plan with more benefits than the basic plan, yet you aren’t looking for the most expensive option either, this could be the best choice. The Equilibrium plan covers disaster or major medical expenses, as well as day-to-day expenses that are covered outside of the hospital. This plan is the perfect balance for those who would like to have the benefits of both a hospital plan as well as a medical aid. This differs, however, from the Platinum plan as specific surgeries are not included and may have certain set limits to keep in mind.


The Platinum 2021 Option

Platinum 2021 is the KeyHealth plan with the most extensive range of benefits and the highest monthly premium. The Platinum plan offers unlimited benefits for all disaster or major medical expenses, as well as day-to-day expenses that are covered outside of the hospital. The Platinum plan also includes benefits such as Dentistry, Chronic Medication and Optometry. This plan is ideal for those who want the full extent of what a medical aid can do for you.


Free Additional Benefits

KeyHealth offers free additional benefits with any one of our options. These benefits include our Easy-ER programme, Health Booster and Smart Baby. All the above are specifically designed to not only support you when you need it most, but to provide you with all the necessary information and guidelines on how to live a healthy and balanced life – putting the focus on preventative measures.

At KeyHealth, we get it. There’s no need for grand gestures or big words to convince you that we have the right option for you. Just as in any relationship, at the end of the day, all you need is someone who can communicate honestly and clearly and someone who will be there when you need them. If you have any enquiries, feel free to contact us through our website or give us a call – we’re here when you need us.