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Keep It Smart and Simple with KeyHealth Medical Aid


Choosing the right medical aid scheme can be confusing and overwhelming. There are so many different companies offering so many different options. Thanks to the global pandemic of Covid-19, we all have a heightened awareness of our health. How do you decide what’s right for you? 2021 is the year to make wise decisions. At KeyHealth Medical, we believe in keeping things smart and simple. Take the time to understand why you need medical aid in 2021 and what sort of cover you require – then leave the rest to us.  We hope you never need to use your medical aid plan, but it’s there as a safety net in case of an emergency. Rather have it there for safekeeping than not have any cover at all.  Unforeseen medical bills are extremely expensive.

It is important to have a clear understanding as to why a medical aid plan is vital. Every day is a gift. We cannot plan the future, nor can we tell what is going to happen on any day. After all, who saw 2020 coming! We owe it to our loved ones and ourselves to have a plan that we can fall back on in times of need. We do what we can to limit these encounters not only because of our health and well-being but because of the hole that medical bills burn in our wallets. A good medical aid scheme, however expensive, will take care of those medical costs you never saw coming. KeyHealth Medical is aligned with Netcare and Life Healthcare hospitals to guarantee cover of hospital costs. Check out our options – we’ve got you covered whatever you need. Our 2021 KeyHealth Medical offerings are all smart and simple. With us, there is a scheme to suit everyone, from entry-level to comprehensive.

The Options

Essence: New to medical aid? Healthy? Just starting out? Then the Essence plan is for you. You will be fully covered for any treatment needed at any Netcare or Life Healthcare hospital. In our busy cities, there is always the possibility of a car accident which could leave you needing hospitalisation. The 2021 Essence plan has got you covered here too. Need a medical specialist while you are in hospital? That’s sorted as well. The diagnosis and treatment of cancer will be covered to the value of R161 500 per family per annum. MRI and CT scans are covered to the value of R17 000 per family per annum. If you use prescription medication continuously for three months or more for any chronic treatment, you are covered. There are so many additional benefits. Explore further here.

Origin: The 2021 Origin plan is the next step up. Whilst offering the same cover as the Essence plan for any disaster or major medical expenses, this plan also includes day-to-day medical expense cover outside of the hospital including any consultations with your GP or specialist. The whole family is covered. The value of each of these benefits is determined by which member needs the attention. Additional benefits include cover for eye tests, contact lenses, and any blood tests done outside of the hospital as requested by your GP. Have a look at this plan and associated quotes here.

Equilibrium: If you’ve got back problems, need a joint replacement, specialised dentistry, or a prosthesis, then the 2021 Equilibrium option is for you. Offering the same disaster or major medical expenses cover as the two previous options, as well as the day-to-day medial expense cover outside of the hospital, it is even more comprehensive. Dentistry is a costly exercise, and if you need x-ray, root-canal procedures, or fillings, this is the plan for you. Add to this the supplementary service cover which extends to prosthesis/prosthetics/fixation devices and see how vital this Equilibrium plan is.  For children under the aged of 21, prescribed medication that is used continuously for three months or more that is not on the list of chronic diseases is also taken care of.  Check the plan and quotes out here.

Silver: Pay more, get more. The 2021 Silver option is more expensive than the previous options as it covers disasters and major expenses more comprehensively. Your oncology procedures and treatment are covered to the value of R181 000. It also includes rehabilitation both in the hospital and out, with private nursing to the value of R30 700 a year as an added benefit. Wound care to the value of R9 850 per year is also included. Check it out here.

Gold: If you need a lot of care, then this is the option well worth looking at. Key Health Medical’s 2021 Gold plan boasts an oncology coverage of R414 500 a year. Of course, the monthly contributions are more, but look at what you get. So much more cover: unlimited specialised dentistry which the previous plans do not cover; an extra 18 chronic conditions are covered to the value of R8800 per year; and even hearing aids are covered with this plan. Explore it in greater detail here.

Platinum: Lastly is the 2021 KeyHealth Platinum option.  While it might be the most expensive option, it is the one that is going to offer cover in every aspect of your health. The major difference in this medical plan is the unlimited cover for any oncology requirements, the increased cover value for rehabilitation, unlimited cover for dialysis in the case of kidney failure; and unlimited cover for organ transplants. View this scheme in greater detail here.

Call us today for a quote on a 2021 medical aid plan to suit you. KeyHealth is here to keep you covered.