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How to Find and Compare Smart Medical Aid Options


Many people will simply wish you good luck when they hear that you want to compare medical aid options between different medical aid schemes, because such comparisons may be the very stuff of which your nightmares are made.

Comparison Confusion

Confusion does not even come close to describing such a commonly occurring scenario. However, it really depends on which scheme’s options you intend comparing, and with which other medical aid company’s alternatives. Even so, all blame cannot be placed squarely at the doors of the respective medical aid schemes, because once they have included benefits and their level of cover relevant to an option, the scheme is legally bound to the agreed-upon arrangements for at least a calendar year or part thereof, depending on when the member joins.

Too Complex; Too Much to Absorb

Every medical aid option has to be clearly defined; however, the number of options and plans, plus complex, detailed definitions, can be mind-boggling. For many, the range of options on offer, exactly what defines each plan, its benefits and exclusions, plus co-payments and levies, are just too complex and extensive to analyse, understand, and compare. There is simply too much medical and legal jargon, as well as other perceived technicalities to absorb when attempting to make comparisons.

Irrelevant Perceived Benefits

However, most major medical aid schemes offer their members a plethora of additional perceived benefits that have absolutely no influence or impact upon actual medical aid cover; they only serve to muddy the waters. Simply put, being a member of a medical scheme means that you are contributing to a medical insurance product that you hope never to need, but are reassured to have, because you never know what can happen to your health and well-being.

KeyHealth Holds the Key

This is where KeyHealth’s range of medical aid options differs completely from those of our counterparts. We do not give you discounts on travel, accommodation, and movie tickets, or on your purchases at specified retail stores. At KeyHealth, we provide a range of pure and simple medical aid plans and options – nothing more and nothing less, without frivolous add-ons. We hold the key to real, high-value medical aid cover.

After all, why did you seek medical aid membership? Obviously, it was not for a discount at a holiday resort, nice as that may be. For most medical aid scheme members, closed scheme membership is a fringe benefit offered by your employer as part of your remuneration package, or you have joined an open scheme on your own, as a private member. In both cases, you have recognised that state medical resources cannot cope effectively with the demand for medical and healthcare. You need private cover, at the very least for medical emergencies requiring hospitalisation, in-hospital treatments, and prescribed minimum benefits (PMBs) for relevant listed conditions.

Comparisons between KeyHealth’s five options could not be simpler or easier. Select the current status that best matches your own on the Compare our Products page on our website and voila – two options pop up for easy, at-a-glance comparison. It is pure, simple, and smart – the key to comparing KeyHealth’s excellent range of smart medical aid options.