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Finding Affordable Medical Aid Cover that Meets Your Needs


Medical costs can be downright scary. The expenses related to our health can, at times, be exorbitant, especially when we need to attend to a condition or undergo a procedure that is not part of our everyday healthcare or that requires hospitalisation.

Medical aid schemes aim to provide cover that compensates for these medical expenses when you need it – or at least a portion of it – in return for a monthly premium. This cover proves to be vital in maintaining good health, as life happens when we least expect it. When something happens, we don’t want to take chances with our health or that of our family, especially not because of a lack of funds.

Furthermore, being a member of a suitable medical scheme should also save you money. Perhaps that sounds contradictory, as medical schemes can be expensive, but the cost of medical treatment can be even much more expensive. This is especially true when it comes to private healthcare facilities. Not only does medical schemes make it affordable to use private healthcare, but it is often a requirement to ensure that the hospital bills can be paid. If you’re caught in an emergency, you definitely want access to a private facility, rather than stand in a queue at an understaffed and overcrowded state facility.

Luckily, South Africa is home to a large number of medical aid schemes that alleviate this financial burden and allow us to seek world-class healthcare at an affordable rate. This abundance of medical scheme options, however, is both a blessing and a curse. While it provides you with great freedom of choice, it can also be overwhelming to work through all the options in order to find the one that is best suited to your needs.

At KeyHealth we understand this challenge better than most. This is why our philosophy is to be smart and keep it simple. Our entire service offering is designed to help our members navigate the process of comparing and selecting a medical aid benefit plan with much greater ease, alleviating the added, unnecessary stress this decision can bring. Ultimately, we believe a medical scheme plan should work in your favour, which includes empowering you to choose the option that best suits your needs and your pocket.


The Power of Choice

When it comes to healthcare, there is no such thing as “one size fits all”. We all have different requirements, habits and also budgets. The KeyHealth Medical Scheme options are carefully designed to reflect these differences, by offering a carefully selected bouquet of cover for varying needs, at a range of price points. This approach ensures that everyone can find a cover option that addresses their needs at an affordable rate.

The KeyHealth affordable medical aid cover options include:

  • Essence – This is the KeyHealth version of a hospital plan, perfect for those who do not often visit the doctor and want to save on their monthly premium
  • Origin – This affordable plan provides hospital cover, as well as day-to-day and basic dentistry cover
  • Equilibrium – This option adds the benefit of a savings function
  • Silver – This plan offers the same benefits, with slightly increased limits, as well as cover for prosthesis
  • Gold – The old option provides full cover, with higher category limits
  • Platinum – This is the premium plan, providing comprehensive cover with the highest limits of all the options available


All options provide cover for chronic medication for conditions contained in the CDL (Chronic Disease List) as determined by the government, to ensure that all patients have access to life-sustaining medication required for long-term health.


Free Additional Benefits

Instead of offering you a plethora of loyalty programme fringe benefits, we provide you with free health-related services and support that directly adds value to both your medical scheme plan of choice and your overall health. The following free benefits are included with all KeyHealth Medical Scheme options:

  • Health Booster

The Health Booster benefit covers several preventative care measures to help you maintain the best health possible without eating into your medical aid savings or day-to-day benefits. Some of the benefits can include health assessments, certain preventative care measures such as baby immunisation, early detection tests including HIV/AIDS tests, weight loss programmes, and maternity benefits.

  • Smart Baby

This benefit aims to make mothers- and fathers-to-be feel special by providing them with the necessary guidance when it’s needed most. This includes educational material, guidance of development and immunisations, as well as support during the pregnancy.

  • Easy-ER

This initiative offers all KeyHealth Beneficiaries, regardless of their age, free emergency medical cover without any hidden costs. Essentially, this guarantees beneficiaries direct access to a hospital’s Emergency Room (ER) for medical treatment in emergency situations without any hassle or unexpected fees.


Helping You Choose Based on Your Specific Needs

At KeyHealth, we’re here to offer you the best medical cover to suit your specific needs and we’re committed to doing that in a smart and simple way. This includes helping you choose the plan that is best suited to the unique needs of you and your family.

Simply use the KeyHealth questionnaire to easily compare our products. You will be prompted to answer a handful of easy questions to determine your medical aid requirements and health status – such as your family status, age, and so forth. These answers are then used to provide you with a product comparison and recommendation as to what suits your specific requirements best. If you have any more questions, talk to one of our friendly consultants, and we’ll help you choose an affordable medical aid plan that is perfect for you.