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Can’t Afford Medical Aid? | Medical Aid | KeyHealth Medical Scheme


Do You Believe that You Can’t Afford Medical Aid?

It is a sad sign of the times that millions of South Africans are denied quality and lifesaving health care because they are unable to afford it. Oftentimes, people are left to go without surgeries and medical care that can afford them a far higher quality of life because it is outside of their financial means. There are still so many people who believe that they can’t afford a medical aid, but this isn’t true.

With KeyHealth Medical, we have affordable plans for every South Africa family. We are proud of our eclectic product selection that is aimed at every income bracket in South Africa. Through these plans, you can afford a value-adding medical aid scheme for your family that will help you to weather any of life’s unforeseen happenstances or storms.

These days having a medical aid is no longer a luxury, but an investment in the health and future of your family. Enjoy the many benefits of our extensive range of hospital plans and medical aid schemes.

What Does KeyHealth Medical Aid Offer Me?

We have different medical aid schemes aimed at different South African families. Our more than 90,000 and growing members are all a testament to the great service they receive from KeyHealth Medical, and that we are able to meet the needs of the modern South African family.

Some of our chief medical aid schemes and its various benefits include:

  • The Essence Option: This product is evidence that everyone can afford a medical aid in South Africa. Providing basic hospital cover to its members, the Essence Option will provide you with coverage should you or a member of your family be covered according to the agreed upon fee.
  • Equilibrium Option: With this option, members will receive full hospitalisation cover at 100% of an agreed tariff. The services you receive during your stay in hospital by in-hospital specialists will also receive coverage of up to 150% of the MST. In the Equilibrium package you will also receive a medical savings account which can be used to cover various out of hospital services. It also features daily benefits such as doctor visits and visits to the pharmacy, etc.
  • The Silver Option: This is perhaps one of our most popular plans featuring 100% unlimited hospital coverage which is provided at an agreed rate. Young families in particular opt for the Silver Option as it also provides for a great day-to-day cover.
  • The Gold Option: With the Gold Option members receive unlimited 100% hospital cover, provided at an agreed rate. This plan also features incredibly generous day-to-day benefits, along with a savings plan.
  • The Platinum Option: You will receive full comprehensive cover with the Platinum Option. In the event of hospitalisation, unlimited costs will be covered at an agreed upon rate.

These are the most popular plans available from KeyHealth Medical. With all of these medical aid schemes, members also have the option of opting for Health Booster. The Health Booster option provides a form of cover which is entirely aimed at preventative treatment and healthy living. This value-adding option can be added to your existing medical aid scheme with KeyHealth Medical.

For those looking for anything from limited to full comprehensive, we have the products for you. There is no need to think that you can’t afford medical aid any longer. Our sales professionals will work with you every step of the way to educate you about the complete ins and outs of your policy. This will allow you to gain the most benefit from your cover with KeyHealth Medical.

This will also help you to navigate the completely simplified and easy claims process should you ever need to claim from your medical aid. We always encourage our members to live a healthy and active life in order to enjoy a long and fulfilling life. With KeyHealth Medical’s many products, you will find the medical aid solution that is right for your family. Now, for those who believe that they can’t afford medical aid, the worry is over and you can rest easy at night knowing that if something unforeseen were to happen, you don’t have to worry about medical bills. Enjoy the many benefits that come with KeyHealth’s medical aid cover.