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What to Look for in Medical Aid Quotes

Shopping around for a medical aid for your family can be a daunting task, mostly because it seems as though all the information out there is designed to make the selection process as complex and as difficult as possible. But it doesn’t have to be this way at all. When you know what to look for, you can cut through all the marketing hoopla and get down to what benefits the different plans offer. Know what you are paying for, what you receive and what you are entitled to, so that when you find yourself in need of claiming from the medical aid you won’t have any problems. The last thing you want during a medical emergency is to stress about the claims procedure with the medical aid.

Investing in a medical aid in South Africa isn’t a luxury but a necessity. Not all medical aid schemes are expensive and unobtainable. It is sad that there are still millions of South Africans that are denied lifesaving medical care that can greatly increase their quality of life because they are unable to afford it. Don’t let this be your family’s story, and enjoy the many benefits that come with being covered.


Get a Quote for Medical Aid and Make Informed Choices

When you compare different medical aid quotes you are in a far better position to make a wise and informed choice about which medical aid to choose. Many of the medical aids are based around the same principle benefits:

  • Chronic benefits
  • In-hospitalisation benefits and
  • Out of hospitalisation benefits

The thing to remember in this aspect is that each plan will offer you a different amount of cover, based on its own benefits, while each plan will also have different types of requirements. When shopping around for medical aid quotes the first thing to take into account is what the needs of your family are. Knowing what your family needs medically is a great starting point when searching for different medical aid quotes. If you require benefits for chiropody or chronic medicines, then ensure that you expose yourself to different plants that make provision for this. If there is a history of cancer or heart disease in the family then this should be taken into account when shopping around for medical aid schemes.

KeyHealth Medical Aid Schemes for South African Families

At KeyHealth Medical we have worked hard to make comparing our different medical aid plans as easy as can be. With straightforward and expert advice at hand you will be able to make informed decisions regarding which plan to decide on. Throughout our many years in the medical industry, our now more than 90,000 members have come to rely on our cost-effective and value-adding medical aid schemes for the medical quality of their lives.

We provide many different coverage options, ranging from:

  • Essence package: This is the perfect package for those on a limited budget. You will still receive 100% hospital coverage at an agreed upon tariff. Theatre costs, intensive care and emergency care are covered with set limitations in place, ensuring that you have access to the medical treatment you need.
  • Gold package: With the Gold package you will receive comprehensive cover. Families with histories of chronic disease looking for reassurances of being able to afford expensive procedures will benefit extensively from this option. You will receive 100% coverage of the agreed tariff in public and private hospitals with pre-authorisation.

These are only a few of the many different packages we have available to our valued members.

Our value for money schemes have been designed with every South African family in mind. Whether you are on a tight budget and need 100% of your hospital costs covered, or for those in need of comprehensive medical scheme packages with great day-to-day benefits, we have the product for you and your family. Regardless of what you might be searching for, our products will meet your and your family’s needs.

Our trained and seasoned sales professionals will work with you to determine all your medical needs, and to match you with the correct medical aid scheme. Getting a quote for medical aid from KeyHealth Medical could simply not be any easier.