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Why Join One of the South African Medical Schemes?

By now you most probably know that not being a member of one of the medical schemes simply isn’t a good idea, especially in a country where the public healthcare system is overloaded like in South Africa. Our road accident statistics are not comforting at all and when you think about the potential of contracting a serious disease, such as HIV/AIDs, malaria, cancer or TB, you will have to agree that the odds are not good if you don’t proactively take steps to ensure that funds will be available for the unforeseen.

Sure, you can put money into a savings account or buy unit trusts, but are the money available when you cannot speak for yourself? Will someone have access to your money to make immediate and upfront payments for expensive medical treatment if you become sick overnight or sustain serious injury in sport or a vehicle accident?

Let’s broaden the scope a bit – will you be there on the spot to pay for Emergency Room treatment for your child if your child sustains injury on the sport field while on tour? What about preventative healthcare? Many conditions can be prevented or successfully treated if diagnosed early on. Without being a member of one of the top medical schemes in the country, you most probably won’t go for annual full health screenings and will put off any visits to the dentist in fear of the hefty bills that may follow.

Medical aid is a lot like insurance. You dread having to make the monthly contributions and may even murmur about not really needing it, until the moment arrives when you wish you had it. Even small things like your daughter feeling too sick to go to school can cost you in excess of R450 just for a visit to the doctor. And with schools requiring doctor certificates if the child misses a test, you may opt to let your child go to school even when she is sick just because you haven’t budgeted for a doctor visit.

Even if you save up for medical costs, there is still the problem of something always popping up at the last minute and it normally entails having to take money from your emergency medical savings account to pay for it. Think about it – the geyser element burns out and everyone in the house wants to take a shower. It is an expense that you must pay to keep the family happy and with living costs rather high in South Africa, chances are that you haven’t got extra money on hand to pay for the misfortune. This means that your medical savings account most probably will always be on the empty side.

Unfortunately, some medical schemes can be too expensive for the average person, because they offer unnecessary extras which don’t add to the health value of their members. This is where KeyHealth is different. We believe in affordability, superior quality service, optimised communication, streamlined claims processing and, of course, various benefits plans to suit your particular requirements. Yes, we have add-on free services, but our services help you to pay less for medical aid and get more in health benefits. This includes the Health Booster Plan, Smart Baby Programme and the Easy-ER plans.

Contact us today to find out why thousands of South Africans have chosen KeyHealth above other medical aids in South Africa.