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What Information Must You Supply When You Apply for Medical Aid Quotes Online?


The internet has simplified our lives by enabling medical aid quotes online, but one must supply the correct information to ensure relevant responses. Before the launch of the World Wide Web and the first browser in the ‘90s, we relied entirely on landlines and snail mail to communicate at a distance. When enquiring about joining a medical scheme, the only options were to phone for details or visit the company’s office. Comparing offers from several providers was a major task. Making such enquiries via the internet is more convenient and has made it possible to obtain proposals from several companies simultaneously.


Which Information is Necessary for Accurate Medical Aid Quotes Online and Why?

Like an insurance company, a medical aid scheme’s operation is based on a statistical principle known as shared risk. Simply put, the concept relies on the majority of members to make no claims or only relatively minor ones, so there should always be sufficient premium income in reserve to cover the costlier claims made by the minority. Unlike insurers, these schemes must operate on a non-profit basis, which requires strict management. Certain factors are known to influence shared risk, namely the number and ages of the members to be covered and their medical history. In addition, a few basic details, such as address and contact numbers, will be required for necessary communications.


Will a Pre-existing Illness Influence Medical Aid Quotes Online?

While insurance companies may refuse to cover reckless and accident-prone drivers, medical schemes are obliged to accept everyone, regardless of their current and past health status. Furthermore, they may not load the premiums of high-risk members. However, unless the pre-existing illness is among the 26 chronic conditions listed as a prescribed minimum benefit, new members must wait 12 months before claims for that condition will be accepted. The medical histories and ages of prospective members are also necessary. This information helps scheme managers select the product that will best meet the needs of the main member and each dependent member.


Two Tips for Comparing Medical Aid Quotes Online

  • Don’t be influenced by the premium price alone: You need the best protection for you and your family. Compare the benefits, terms and conditions of each product you can afford carefully before making your choice.
  • Consider a hospital plan: If you’re on a tight budget but can afford to pay for occasional GP visits and prescriptions, a hospital plan will meet the potentially crippling cost of surgery and a few weeks as an in-patient.

Alternatively, why not just browse our range of KeyHealth products and enjoy exceptional cover and value for money, plus three valuable added core benefits at no extra charge?