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How Do I Apply For Medical Aid In South Africa?


Many individuals who’ve never had a medical aid might find it nerve-racking to get one.

However, it’s not as difficult as you may think, and it can save you money in the long run. There are documents you’ll need if you want to apply and important factors to take into consideration. Nevertheless, the process is quick and easy if you know what to do and have already chosen a scheme to join. If you haven’t decided on one yet, fill in our application form online from anywhere in South Africa.


What Documents Do I need To Apply?

Aside from your normal details, such as name, address, marital status, dependants and age, you also need to provide information about your current and historical health records. On our sign-up form, you’ll find a few simple questions relating to specific health conditions, what medicine you take, if any, and whether you are planning admission to the hospital within the next year. You will also have to state if you’ve had medical aid before. These are all standard questions for new members and may be similar to ones asked by other medical aid providers in South Africa. See our page on what you need to join for detailed information on the topic.

Additionally, the scheme can expect you to undergo a check-up before your application is accepted. See the following list of documents that you might also have to present, depending on the requirements of the specific scheme you want to join:

  • Proof of whether you’ve been a member of a medical scheme before may be requested.
  • Proof of your relationships with all dependants, such as marriage documents and birth certificates may be necessary.
  • Bank statements and copies of your South African ID can be required.


Since the documentation required by schemes may vary, it’s a good idea to compile your personal paperwork and have it on hand if necessary. Making extra copies and getting documents certified could help speed up the process, especially if you want to get quotes from multiple health plan providers. To avoid delays in your application, it’s in your best interest to be completely honest from the start.


Are You Still Unsure of How to Apply for Medical Aid in South Africa?

If you still find yourself asking “How do I apply for medical aid in South Africa?” feel free to call us for assistance in applying for membership at KeyHealth. You can also browse our user-friendly site for information on the packages we offer and make use of the online support button to receive additional help on how to join.