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Where to Go When You Need an Affordable Medical Aid


What does “affordable” mean to consumers in the modern world? Much like in times past, affordability hinges on the value provided for the cost. Something that consumes half of your monthly income might seem outrageously unaffordable until you realise that there are millions of consumers in just such a scenario with car or home repayments in South Africa. That might look like an ugly bite out of their livelihoods every month, yet they remain supremely happy with the arrangement, because the value provided by the asset far outweighs the cost, making that asset affordable on their terms-it’s a priority item for them.

So, at times, it’s not easy to peg affordability by merely looking at the cost as a percentage of income. Affordability is both an understanding of the costs of goods or services, and your willingness to meet market-related pricing on them because of the value they bring. Of course, when you’re really in need of affordable medical aid, there’s no need to investigate economic theory just to get a handle on what fair pricing looks like because market forces will do that for you. In other words, when you need affordable medical aid, it’s easy enough to simply compare schemes for their costs and benefits.


When You Need an Affordable Medical Aid, Come to KeyHealth

If you need affordable medical aid, talk to a medical scheme like KeyHealth. We have made clear language and consumer assistance a cornerstone of our offer. Never mind complex extrapolations around affordability, you’ll know what’s affordable when you get in touch with KeyHealth, because we’ve built a smart process designed to answer all the important questions to determine your exact needs. When you know exactly what you want - and we excel at illuminating the details for our clients - figuring out whether it’s affordable becomes an easy task. Beyond that, we are affordable as a blanket statement, typically providing more service for fewer fees in comparison to others. We’re focused on you, the way medical aids should be, and, frankly, it shows!

One last input regarding affordability needs mention - understanding. When you need affordable medical aid, you need to know exactly what you’re paying for, how it compares to other market players, and why. KeyHealth has built a cautious entry into joining our scheme for a reason because we know that understanding exactly what you’re paying for makes for clear decision-making and a happy customer. Call on us first, and we’ll show you how pleasant and illuminating joining a medical aid can be!