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Things to Remember When Choosing a Medical Scheme


With the year nearing an end, many individuals are finding themselves looking for a new medical aid scheme. After a tough year behind us and the second wave of COVID-19 hitting South Africa, a reliable medical aid scheme is more important than ever. To help navigate the dos and don’ts of finding the right plan, here is our list of top things to remember when choosing a medical scheme.


Network Hospitals

When choosing the right medical aid scheme, it’s important that you thoroughly read through the list of healthcare providers and network hospitals that will be covered by your medical aid scheme. If you are adamant on staying with a specific doctor of choice or a hospital in your area, it may be worth checking if they are on the list. Be sure to also ask about the process of switching from one doctor to another during your premium plan. Various medical schemes only allow a specific number of switches between general practitioners. If you are someone who intends to travel around a lot during the new year, be sure to consider which option will best accommodate your lifestyle.


Potential Annual Limits

At KeyHealth, we pride ourselves on our transparent and clear communication, especially when it comes to things like potential annual limitations of a specific plan. Many medical aid schemes seem too good to be true. It is only later that one seems to find the small cracks in the plan. Don’t wait until you get to the fine print before you see the annual limits. Every medical aid plan has different benefits that the plan is centred around. It is up to you to make an informed decision about where you are willing to compromise and which things are non-negotiable.


Consider the Worst-Case Scenarios

Although no one likes to think about the what-ifs in life, unfortunately, when choosing your medical aid scheme, it is crucial that you allow yourself to consider the worst-case scenarios and how your medical aid scheme will be able to assist you during such a time. Ask yourself the difficult questions about what would happen if you were to fall ill or get hurt because of an accident and then have to go to the hospital.

If something were to happen to you, the first priority is to save your life and provide all the necessary care to ensure a safe and healthy recovery. However, many individuals who don’t have the right medical aid are unable to afford the hospital bills thereafter. At KeyHealth, we don’t believe anyone should be troubled by financial burdens and stressors after an accident or serious injury.


Think About Future Plans

Choosing the right medical aid scheme is a big commitment between both parties. Although it offers great ease of mind knowing that you are covered in the present, it is important that you take the time to consider possible changes that may happen in the future which could change your plan’s benefits. What does your 2021 look like?

We know that things are unpredictable and one thing that the past year has taught us all is that plans change, and we all need to adapt to new and unusual situations. However, when you are choosing your medical aid scheme, be sure to pinpoint any certain changes that may occur that you know of. Are you planning to move to a different city? Or maybe you are younger and still on your parents’ medical aid, but the plan covers individuals under a certain age, and this is your last year on your current plan?

If you are uncertain about how specific changes in your life or health may affect your current plan, be sure to contact one of our KeyHealth representatives. We would be more than happy to talk you through the best way forward for you and your family.


The Importance of Client Service

First impressions last a lifetime. Keep this in mind when choosing your medical scheme. From the first moment you click the “Call Me Back” button on a website, you should be satisfied with the company’s ability to communicate effectively and authentically. There are various medical schemes who are smooth-talkers and who can pressure you into making important decisions and commitments on the spot. If you feel overwhelmed by all the information, remember that it is perfectly fine to ask for some time to think about your options or to talk to them about any honest and sincere concerns you may have.


Estimated Budget and Affordability

As much as people like to claim that you shouldn’t need to worry about finances when it comes to your health, the reality is that paying your monthly medical aid premium on time can be worrisome. That’s why it is crucial that you set up a realistic budget that is sustainable and that will give you coverage where you need it most. When planning your budget, it is also crucial that you consider your lifestyle and which medical costs you will be able to cover yourself and which you need your medical aid to cover.


Ask for Advice

Choosing the right plan can be extremely time-consuming. The most important thing to remember is that you don’t have to take on the responsibility by yourself. Be sure to browse our extensive list of 2021 medical aid schemes on our website to ensure that you are covered through whatever the new year brings your way.

If you have any questions or concerns about which plan is right for you, don’t stress. Contact us at KeyHealth and one of our representatives will be sure to talk you through finding the right plan for you and your family.