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The Benefits of Making KeyHealth Your Medical Aid Scheme of Choice


With the new year fast approaching, don’t let the lack of a good medical aid loom over your holiday plans. Regrettably, there is nothing festive about medical aid schemes that are hard to understand, impossible to reach and ridiculously expensive. Choosing the right medical aid scheme is an important task and generally takes up a fair amount of time, effort and resources. You are trusting a company to protect you and your family in times when you need help the most.

Unfortunately, the market is saturated with eager medical schemes trying to win you over, promising you the earth, moon and stars. If you’re not on top of your game, it’s easy to get sucked into the glitz and glamour of a good marketing strategy.

By charging exorbitant fees and hiding complicated terms and conditions in the fine print, medical aid providers are finding it easier than ever to take advantage of their clients.

Well, that’s not us.

At KeyHealth, we tell it like it is – which in the medical aid game, we think is an absolute must. However, if you need a little bit of convincing, or you’d just like to get to know us a bit more – here are a few reasons why we think you should make KeyHealth your medical aid provider of choice.


Authenticity and Transparency

When choosing your medical aid, both parties are committing to an honest and authentic relationship. For any relationship to be successful, communication is key. When it comes to medical aid options, if it seems too good to be true, it usually is.

KeyHealth prides itself on providing authentic options and transparent communication, allowing you to know exactly what your plan entails and what it doesn’t, leaving no room for doubt. This also allows you to make informed choices about which plan will suit you best regarding your medical needs, family size, age, and budget.

At KeyHealth, we also like to focus on what’s important and make sure you see it underlined and in bold. Many medical schemes promise you the world but forget to mention the if’s and but’s in the fine print. With transparency at its core, KeyHealth focuses on delivering products devoid of loyalty programmes, bonuses, and frivolous add-ons. Our schemes are stripped of misguided fringe benefits; what remains is pure medical aid.


Keeping It Simple and Smart

At KeyHealth what you see is what you get. No-fuss about it. We help you make smart choices by providing options that are easy to understand. When choosing a medical aid, it’s usually a process that involves complicated jargon and terms that you need to spend hours decoding to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

KeyHealth is the exception to the rule and stays true to its philosophy of being smart and keeping it simple.

When choosing your medical aid plan, we will take your budget, lifestyle and medical needs into consideration, and provide you with a range of options that we feel would benefit you and your family at the most affordable price. If there is anything that you don’t feel comfortable with, that you don’t understand, or that you’d like to talk through again, we’d be more than willing to guide you through the different steps, help you get another quote or explain the application process to you in more detail.


Accountability and Trust

When it comes down to it, the most important quality of good medical aid is that it should be there when it’s needed. KeyHealth prides itself on a core philosophy that centres around accountability and trust. Excellent client service lies at the centre of everything we do. Although this statement has been used by numerous medical aid providers in the past, we actually mean it. It starts to matter when you’re in an emergency and need to get a hold of your medical aid provider as soon as possible.

Life is short and although we tend to convince ourselves that we’re invincible, curveballs can easily come our way, and we need to be prepared. Allow us to focus on the admin, while you focus on what’s important in the moment.


Going the Extra Mile

Your relationship with your medical aid provider doesn’t start and end with choosing the right option. KeyHealth makes sure it’s there every step of the way, which is why we put our focus on providing free additional benefits that are useful and bring actual value to our clients. Our three major free benefits include the Health Booster Program, Easy-ER and Smart Baby. All three programs are centred around providing support and assistance when you need it most.

The Health Booster Program encourages healthy living by providing a free health assessment comprising of various screening tests. The program is designed to help keep you on top of your health. If you’re a soon to be mom, be sure to have a look at our various online support systems and guidelines in our Smart Baby Program.


KeyHealth 2021 Packages

At KeyHealth, we understand that everyone has very different needs when it comes to their healthcare. We offer an extensive range of medical aid packages for 2021, each tailored to fit the financial and medical requirements of our valued clients.

Our six bespoke packages are specifically designed to help you navigate through your benefits and choices with ease. If you’re finding it difficult to choose the right one, allow us to ease the process by helping you compare the packages based on your personal information.

For more information on our 2021 medical aid options, feel free to contact us through our website, and we’ll have one of our representatives contact you shortly. Alternatively, if you’d like to chat in person, visit us at one of our walk-in offices – we’d love to meet you and talk you through the process of finding the right medical aid. If you’d like to skip the chats, request a quote by filling in our online application form.