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The Right Way to Compare Medical Aid Plans


In these lean times, most South Africans are finding it increasingly necessary to look closely at the price of their purchases. Unfortunately, this sometimes means that they are obliged to compromise on quality. However, while settling for a cheaper cut of beef might pose no serious problems, some choices can have more far-reaching consequences. Cheap tyres, for example, could compromise your safety while failing to compare medical aid plans thoroughly, but simply opting for the cheapest could put your life or that of a family member at risk. In both cases, needs must take precedence over thrift.

For those who are unable to obtain cover for their private healthcare expenses under an employer’s group scheme, there are, currently, about 25 open schemes from which to choose. Browsing their websites or phoning their offices could not only take up a fair slice of your time, but is likely to result in more questions than answers. Fortunately, there is now a far simpler way to compare medical aid plans.

This is the age of online comparison sites. If you want to know which supermarket is offering the best deal on your favourite detergent, which airline offers the cheapest flights to Dubai, or who will insure your car at a price you can afford, you visit a comparison site. What works for soap powder, air tickets, and car insurance also happens to be the best way to kick off your quest to compare medical aid plans.

This is essentially a screening operation and its objective is simply to identify those companies whose products fall within your budget. However, it is important not to lose sight of the fact that the overall aim of this exercise is to protect your health and perhaps that of a spouse and children. Accordingly, you should be prepared to spend the maximum you can afford, should this prove necessary.

To perform the comparison, you will need to provide a few personal details via an online form. This will generate a number of quotes. After selecting those that fall within your budget, it will then be time to compare the selected medical aid plans in greater detail.

Having identified three or four companies that meet your criteria, the next step is to check out each of their websites to examine the complete range of products they offer. In most cases, this will be, at least, five or six to choose from, and the objective will now be to find those with the range of benefits that will best address the expected healthcare needs of yourself and any dependents. The extent of those benefits will generally be reflected in the premium price. So, when you compare the products of a medical aid plan, look at every one that you can reasonably afford before reaching your decision.

Having identified a suitable product, you need to be sure that the company behind it is able to fulfil its commitments. Invariably, any scheme that can be trusted will, like KeyHealth, have been operating successfully for several decades and have earned a reputation for honouring its commitments. That is why many South Africans do not bother to compare medical aid plans, but just contact KeyHealth directly.