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About the Keyhealth Medical Scheme Application Form


While any given company might have certain requirements that are unique to its particular needs, the process of applying for membership of one of South Africa’s medical aids tends to differ very little between one service provider and the next. So, for example, any information you may be required to supply when completing the KeyHealth medical scheme application form will be fairly generic. However, in line with its policies of transparency and keeping things simple, you may well find its membership process easier to follow than those of some of its competitor’s schemes.

In essence, the requirements for membership are determined partly by practical considerations and partly by legal concerns. For example, while it may be quite sufficient to provide a few personal details, such as full name, date of birth, and gender along with a declaration of certain existing or previous illnesses, surgeries, or medication that might prove relevant, in order to obtain a quote. However, to secure membership, certain entries in your completed KeyHealth medical scheme application form will need to be supported by documentary evidence that you are required to supply by law.

For example, your identity and age will need to be corroborated, which might require a certiified copy of your passport or South African ID. If you wish to include cover for a spouse and children, then copies of marriage and birth certificates will also be necessary. Membership of another scheme during the three-month period prior to the date of your current application could result in the statutory waiting period normally applied to all new members being waived. However, it will only be waived if you can provide wrritten proof of this along with your completed KeyHealth medical scheme application form.

While including an adult dependent who is engaged in full-time study will also require proof, the overall process remains pretty straightforward.