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One of South Africa’s Most Affordable Medical Aid Providers


In South Africa, all citizens are supposed to be provided with the benefits of having ample access to free health and medical care, as and when needed. In an ideal or utopian world, this would in fact be so. Sadly, it is not yet the case and this less-than-perfect situation is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

The Numbers Game

Why, or rather, why not? The humanitarian and political will is there, as is the appropriate legislation. It all comes down to the familiar numbers game, having to balance resources, means, available funds, and qualified financial management with needs and demands presented by the number of persons who seek medical assistance and expertise and those who are supposed to provide it.

Constant Queues

Government-run hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities throughout South Africa cannot keep up with the medical needs of ever-growing patient numbers. In many cases, patients begin queueing before dawn, only to wait all day to be seen by an overworked medical practitioner, if at all. The same often applies to people collecting chronic medication.

Many are turned away without receiving the necessary attention, merely to be told to return the next day. These state facilities are do their level best and a great deal more to provide much-needed medical care, but that is often not enough. Who, in their right mind, would deliberately choose to go through such a palaver to receive medical care?

All is Not Lost

Do not despair – all is not lost. There is a solution, one which is simple, smart, transparent and best of all, affordable. The answer lies in finding a suitable South African medical aid provider, one which offers a range of family plans to suit a variety of requirements, criteria, and budgets, with the emphasis on providing the best, most essential and comprehensive medical aid cover at the most affordable rates. We suggest that you take a good look at the six plans offered by KeyHealth medical aid. All these options, even the most affordable plan, Essence, allows members to include and receive cover for all family members. The main or principal member is the subscribing person, followed by an adult dependant and child dependant/s.

In order to keep matters straightforward, transparent, and simple, we indicate the additional membership contribution for each of the members who receive cover in accordance with each plan. In all cases, the cost of adding additional dependants is considerably less than that of the primary member. Some of our most cost-conscious KeyHealth plans do not include day-to-day benefits funded from a medical savings account (MSA), while those which offer more comprehensive cover (which cost a little more), also include an MSA, from which incidental out-of-hospital claims are paid.

As one of South Africa’s preferred and most affordable medical aid providers, all six of our options include disaster or major medical expenses cover, cover for PMBs, chronic medication, and supplementary services, plus three free additional benefits. You need medical aid in South Africa; that is precisely what KeyHealth provides.