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Making the Most of Medical Schemes for Families


Once you decide to tie the knot and get married, your life changes. You are now no longer a single person who only needs to think of themselves; you are one half of a couple and you have to take your spouse into account in most matters.

Becoming a Family

For most couples, starting a family by having children is the next step in the progression of their relationship. Once you have children, your life changes again. Now, you are a family. While your offspring are still dependent on you, they and their well-being are your priorities in virtually everything that follows thereafter. This includes their health and medical care, so it is logical and essential that your join or upgrade to a medical scheme for families.

Sniffles, Sneezes, and Medical Emergencies

One should keep in mind that children’s immunity to bacteria and viruses is not yet as well developed as that of adults. Little ones are constantly exposed to whatever infection is going around at play group and nursery school, as well as when they start attending “big” school.

Apart from sniffles and sneezes, other eventualities occur too – accidents, emergencies, and unforeseen medical conditions that require hospitalisation and in-hospital treatment, strike both youngsters and their families. Prohibitive medical costs can cripple any family financially, unless you are a member of a reputable medical scheme with a plan that provides cover for children, dependants, and adults – the whole nuclear family.

KeyHealth’s Cover for Families

KeyHealth medical scheme is one of South Africa’s simplest, smartest, and most affordable options that allows you to make the most of your medical aid cover. Across all six our plans, you may choose to list and include your adult and child dependants, right from the most affordable Essence to the most comprehensive Platinum plan.

At KeyHealth medical scheme, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide affordable medical cover for the entire family, mum, dad, babies, children, and dependants, when you or any of your loved ones will most need it. Becoming a member of our medical scheme can change and/or save your lives. Can you afford to be without KeyHealth?