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Medical Aid Schemes in South Africa

Having a medical aid scheme in South Africa is an incredibly important part of living. Without the protection of medical aid cover, you could find yourself in deep trouble. If you have an accident or suddenly become incredibly ill, then you could find yourself either having to fork out a lot of money, or having to rely on substandard medical assistance.

Don’t be one of those people who think they can get by without it. Make a little space in your budget each month to ensure your health and safety. The same goes for your family; keep them safe! By investing in a medical aid scheme, you will give them a better chance of surviving a severe illness or accident.

Life is not something to take for granted, and the wellbeing of both yourself and your family is not something that is worth risking.

Do a Little Research

It is a good idea to research into medical aid schemes in South Africa before you sign up with one. Going with the least expensive isn’t necessarily the best idea, just like going with the most expensive doesn’t guarantee that it will be the best plan. There are so many medical aid schemes in South Africa to choose from, that there will be one out there which is perfect for you.

KeyHealth Medical Aid

KeyHealth Medical offers a number of different packages to suit each and every need. They are fantastic value for money, and cover everything you could possibly need. If you are worrying about your budget, then stop right now. KeyHealth Medical offers some of the most cost-effective and value for money medical aid schemes in South Africa. There are five different packages to choose from; Essence, Equilibrium, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

The Essence Package

The Essence package is perfect for individuals on a limited budget. Although it doesn’t offer you all of the little extras that the other packages offer, Essence provides you with 100% hospitalisation cover up to an agreed tariff. It may only be an entry level package, but it still covers one of the most important aspects of medical aid.

The Equilibrium Package

Consider the Equilibrium package like the Essence package with a bonus. On top of the full hospital cover, this package also covers the costs of in-hospital specialists. The cost is covered up to 150% MST, which is a fantastic deal. On top of this, you will gain a medical savings account. This account can be used for charges and treatments outside of hospital, as well as receiving day to day benefits.

The Silver Package

The Silver package has been uniquely designed for a young family. It provides unlimited hospital cover, up to 100% of the agreed tariff. On top of this, you will receive fantastic day to day benefits. Keep your family safe and healthy by choosing this package.

The Gold Package

The Gold package is similar to the Silver package. As well as the 100% hospital cover, it also provides a very generous day to day cover and a fantastic savings plan. This package will help you out in the long term as well as the short term.

The Platinum Package

The Platinum package is our premium package. You will receive all the benefits of a full comprehensive cover, along with 100% hospital cover. This is one of the best packages around, and is becoming increasingly popular with our clients.

There are many medical aid schemes in South Africa, but our clients have all discovered that we offer the best service by far. Our team are helpful, friendly and caring, and will always be around to answer any questions you may have