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How to Get the Medical Aid Quotes for You and Your Family that Best Meet Your Needs


With state-funded healthcare in decline, South Africans are turning to the private sector, but how should they obtain and evaluate medical aid quotes? It is only natural to want the cover that best suits your needs and those of your family. However, given that prices are rising sharply and most people’s incomes have remained unchanged, it is not surprising that many of us now need to look for ways to economise. Although it might be tempting to shop around for the cheapest private healthcare insurance, saving money by cutting back on fast-food and microwaveable meals would better benefit one’s health.

Joking aside, most of us tend only to appreciate good health when we cease to enjoy it. Those who found themselves unexpectedly receiving treatment in an intensive care unit whilst battling to survive the Coronavirus will undoubtedly be among the first to endorse this sentiment. No responsible parent or spouse would risk their loved ones’ lives by transporting them in an unroadworthy car to save the cost of a service. One should apply the same philosophy when reviewing medical aid quotes.


Medical Aid Quotes Cover Two Types of Product

All schemes operating in South Africa generally offer prospective members around five or six different products to help match their needs and disposable income. Each provides a selection of benefits designed to meet the particular requirements of the members who choose them. As a general rule, the more extensive the benefits, the more one can expect to pay for the monthly premiums. In practice, not everyone requires comprehensive year-round cover. Schemes in South Africa offer hospital plans or fully-comprehensive cover. When requesting medical aid quotes, it’s advisable to seek prices and details for each.


  1. Hospital Plans

As a rule, those whose general health is seldom a problem are chiefly concerned about how they would cope with the hefty bills they might face following an accident or medical emergency that requires treatment in a hospital. The cost of an appendectomy and a few days in a private clinic could be crippling for someone without a suitable form of insurance.

The medical schemes in South Africa introduced the hospital plan to cater to young singles in good health who were new in their jobs and had little cash to spare. The product provides unlimited cover for all private healthcare expenses incurred while the member is an in-patient. However, at all other times, healthcare-related costs, such as GP visits, dentistry, optometry, lab tests and prescription charges, are generally not covered by the scheme, so the member must pay for these. Today, even older people with established jobs are struggling financially and looking for ways to economise. KeyHealth has re-invented the hospital plan with a range of affordable products that also include some valuable day-to-day benefits.

Since 1998, all medical aid products must include the prescribed minimum benefits mandated by the Medical Schemes Act. The mandate covers support for 26 chronic illnesses, such as asthma, diabetes, epilepsy and rheumatoid arthritis, so don’t rule out hospital plans when collecting medical aid quotes.


  1. Comprehensive Cover

A couple in good health might find that a hospital plan provides all the financial support they need. However, if they have young children or are planning to start a family, their annual healthcare expenditure is sure to be significantly higher. A newly-born baby can be a constant worry, and regular visits to a paediatrician tend to be par for the course. For those still in the planning stage, obstetric care can also account for a sizeable chunk of the family budget. On the other hand, maybe your kids have already flown the nest, and you are beginning to find that those GP visits are becoming more regular. If there’s a chance you might struggle to meet routine healthcare costs, focus on products that provide year-round comprehensive support when checking your medical aid quotes.


Medical Aid Quotes from KeyHealth

KeyHealth offers something for everyone with our range of six superior products. Whichever you choose, you will automatically gain three unique and valuable additional benefits at no charge. Choose from the following:

  • Essence: An entry-level hospital plan with some supplementary benefits.
  • Origin: Adds dentistry, optical services, GP and specialist visits.
  • Equilibrium: Adds a medical savings account.
  • Silver, Gold and Platinum: Select the fully comprehensive cover you need and can afford.

All include these free add-ons:

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