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Medical Aid – How to Apply


Have you thought about getting medical aid for you and your household members? Do you know what type of plan you’re after and how to apply for it? The health sector is riddled with industry jargon that’s difficult for most to make sense of. Therefore, it’s easy to misunderstand the terms and conditions of the available schemes. For this reason, it is vital to get acquainted with the language used to know what you’re signing up for before filling out any forms.

Common Abbreviations Used Include:

All medical schemes are legally bound to provide diagnostic and treatment cover for as many as 270 conditions. Those fall under the PMBs. Also included in this list of conditions, are over 20 chronic conditions, which must be covered in any medical aid.

DSPs are the healthcare providers with which your scheme associates. If you choose to use outside service providers not part of the ones who have contracts with your scheme, you may be responsible for paying the bill out of your pocket. View KeyHealth’s network of Designated Service Providers.

The ICD is in place to provide your medical aid with precise codes for every health condition so they may allocate the correct sum to the corresponding benefits.

As for the NHRPL, it states the rules and rates associated with specific healthcare products and services. Every medical scheme is required to follow these regulations, as issued by the Department of Health.

Aside from these abbreviations, there are a couple of other important words to know and understand when deciding on medical aid. These include co-payment, emergency, agreed tariff, special dependant, and more. You can see the detailed list of these industry-related words and their definitions in our Glossary of Terms.


How to Apply for a Suitable Option

After getting comfortable with what the jargon words in schemes mean, you can decide on a cover plan to join. With every choice, certain benefits, as well as conditions must be met. We offer as many as six diverse medical aid packages for members to choose from. Be sure to research multiple options before making your final decision. Though some options might seem similar to others, they vary to ensure that you find the package that perfectly caters to your needs. We make sure to keep it simple and transparent, so you know exactly what you are signing up for.


How to Get Free Extras – Apply to KeyHealth

All our medical aid options come with these three cost-free additional benefits:

  • Easy-ER
  • Health Booster
  • Smart Baby Programme

The Easy-ER gives beneficiaries the opportunity to visit any hospital’s ER in the event of an emergency without having to pay upfront costs. Our Health Booster benefit is intended to prevent certain diseases and to help diagnose special conditions early on. As you can probably guess, the Smart Baby Programme is to assist all pregnant members with their pregnancies. You can read more about all benefits, including these free ones, on the pages of each medical aid option on our website.


How to Apply – Information You Will Need

It’s an easy process to apply for medical aid. Most of the details you have to fill in you probably know by heart. You will be requested to share your contact details, full names, age and marital status. Other questions involve the number of children you have and their ages. Furthermore, you will be required to say whether or not you have any current health conditions or had operations in the past year. The only information for which you might have to consult your documents relates to previous schemes you belonged to.

You can apply for membership at KeyHealth online and have one of our representatives contact you for assistance.


A Simple and Transparent Medical Scheme

The most common reasons why so many people are hesitant to get medical aid have to do with complex words and hidden conditions in the fine print. At KeyHealth we never want anyone to feel as if they have been cheated or feel like they’re not getting what they signed up for. That’s why all data is freely available to anyone who wants to find out about our scheme’s options. We urge you to get in touch with our representatives if you are unsure about any terms and conditions or have questions on how to apply for a specific package.