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Medical Aid Advice for Families


Your family’s health is one of the most important and valuable things to care for and protect. Yet, while we all do our best to avoid it, ailments and accidents do cross our path from time to time. When it does, you would want the peace of mind that your family has access to the necessary care or treatment in order to facilitate their swift return to health. The good news is that South Africans have many medical aid options available to them, and the best advice would be to make use of these. The challenge, however, is finding the one that is right for you and your family.

Here is some basic medical aid advice to help you when choosing health cover for your family:

Consider Your Health Needs

Each and every family is different. We all have different lifestyles, are exposed to different environments, and have different health statuses. This should form the basis of your main consideration for which medical aid option to choose. The best advice is to see what health services and treatments you are most likely to make use of, and to then find a health scheme option that covers this. Maybe dental work is important, or eye care. Perhaps you are expecting a baby, or someone in your family has a chronic ailment. Do not pay for cover you do not need – choose the option that serves your family’s needs best.

Check the Cover Limits of The Medical Aid

This is very important advice, as cover limits are a feature that can easily be overlooked or misinterpreted. No scheme provides limitless cover, so make sure you know and understand what the limits are on the healthcare options you are considering. Are there cover limits on hospital stays? What about specialist appointments, or chronic medication? Also, make sure whether these limits apply to each individual or the family as a whole. This could make a world of difference, especially if your family were to be involved in an accident together.

Are You Happy with The Scheme’s Preferred Hospital Network?

To help keep costs as low as possible, many medical aids require you to use selected doctors, healthcare providers, and hospital networks within their network. Usually, this is not a problem at all. However, make sure that the selected service providers are conveniently located for your needs, and that you are comfortable with the healthcare providers you need to make use of.

Added Benefits

Another sound piece of advice is to see what value-added products and services are included by your medical aid provider. A medical aid, such as KeyHealth, for example, offers family friendly features, such as:

  1. Smart Baby – Providing support to expecting and new mothers
  2. Health Booster – Offers preventative care and screening features to keep your family healthy
  3. Easy-ER – Provides direct access to a hospital’s emergency room for medical treatment in emergency situations without any hassle or unexpected fees


For more useful medical aid advice, browse the KeyHealth website or contact us to talk to one of our friendly consultants. We will gladly answer your questions and assist you however we can.