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Focus on Finding the Right Medical Aid Plan for You


Health cover can be a significant monthly expense, potentially putting strain on your budget. But it does not have to be. Not all schemes and options are equal, and each one is specifically designed to meet the different needs of different individuals. For many, it is tempting to choose the most expensive option they can afford, because they consider this to be the best cover. However, you could potentially save on your monthly premium by finding the medical aid plan that is right for you.

How Finding the Medical Aid Plan That Is Right for You Can Save You Money

This is based on a very simple concept: simply do not pay for a service you do not need. Comprehensive health cover might sound appealing, but do you really need it? The answer may be yes, but it is still worth asking. If you hardly go to the doctor, can afford the occasional GP visit, and simply want to be covered in case you ended up in hospital, why not simply get a hospital plan for much less?

How to Go About Finding the Right Medical Aid Plan

Ask yourself the following questions:

1. What can you afford? While your health is important, so is the sustainability of maintaining the plan you choose in order to maintain your health. There is no point in taking out cover that places a strain on your budget, resulting in you having to cancel the plan after a couple of months. Determine what amount you can safely budget for medical aid each month, and stick to this amount.

2. What are your personal health needs? Now this is where you have to be very honest with yourself. What is your medical history? What were your healthcare expenses over the most recent few years? Are you aware of any medical issues that need attention in the near future? These answers will determine what services you are most likely to require in the coming year. You would want to choose a plan that preferably provides cover for these issues.

Armed with these answers, you will have a much more informed choice while on your journey to finding the right medical aid plan. You now know what cover or service you require, and you know what price options you can comfortably consider. Now you simply need to look at plans and compare benefits offered by the options within your price range.

Need More Help Finding the Right Medical Aid Plan?

At KeyHealth, we understand that health cover can seem complicated and daunting to many people. This is why we strive to simplify the communication and process as much as possible, because we believe looking after your health should not be a complicated matter. You can browse all the necessary information on our website to make an informed choice, or you can get in touch with us if you would like to discuss your options or needs on your way to finding the right medical aid plan for you.