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Looking for Cheap Medical Aid – Get the Best for Your Health Needs


Best for Your Health Needs

It’s easy to fall into the trap of just getting hospital plan insurance if you’re looking for cheap medical aid. Note that such plans only entails getting cash back for every day you spend in hospital and they don’t cover expensive medical procedures. Likewise, simply opting for a hospital plan alone will mean only having cover for specific in-hospital treatments, with no cover for out-of-hospital and day-to-day medical care.


If you’re really looking for cheap medical aid that will help you to minimise your medical expenses, then KeyHealth is an excellent option. We provide you with the Essence package, which is an entry-level and highly affordable benefits package that provides for 100% in-hospital benefits, according to our tariff structure, and basic out-of-hospital cover. You can also opt for the Equilibrium, which provides 100% in-hospital expenses benefits, according to our tariff structure, and 150% of the tariff structure for in-hospital specialist visits. This benefits option also offers a slightly more comprehensive day-to-day benefits option. The Silver package provides 100% in-hospital cover, unlimited according to our tariff structure, and comprehensive out-of-hospital cover.


Our packages are affordable and come with the added free benefits of the Smart Baby Programme, the Easy-ER and the Health Booster Plan. With such, you have access to free annual screenings for specific medical conditions, weight loss programmes and dieticians, and vaccinations and immunisations. You also have access to a maternity website, newsletters, professional support, visits to the specialist, and free hampers and discounts (register for the maternity programme). In addition, your children that are registered for the Easy-ER have access to the ER without the normal red tape associated with such even, if you’re not present without any upfront payments, subject to the condition classification according to our Triad system.


We offer you everything you need in a medical aid and hospital plan at an affordable price.