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Hospital Plan – Get More than Just a Hospital Plan


Get More than Just a Hospital Plan at an Affordable Price


Don’t confuse a hospital plan with hospital insurance. The latter refers to a cover that makes provision for cash payments to the member’s account in the instance of hospitalisation. The amount differs according to the membership plan. Payments are made irrespective of the reason for hospitalisation and are limited to specific amounts. These cash-back payments are not enough to cover the hospitalisation expenses and are meant to help the member pay for bills while hospitalised.


The hospital plan offers the member specific cover for certain elective procedures, surgery, medicine, treatments and hospital stay, but payments are subject to specific conditions. Many individuals opt for the hospital plan because they hardly ever get sick, but they want to make provision for emergency hospital medical costs.


The hospital plan and the cash-back payment insurance are both suitable options if a person works with a limited budget and doesn’t want to pay membership contributions to a medical aid for out-of-hospital expenses. However, there are affordable medical aid schemes that make provision for comprehensive hospital plans as part of their membership packages.


One such a scheme is KeyHealth. As an open medical scheme with membership of over 95 000 individuals, we focus on quality, straightforward, and comprehensive membership packages which save the members money and provide them with access to essential medical care. Our benefit packages are briefly introduced below.


Essence Benefits Package


It is the most affordable benefits package and makes provision for unlimited hospital cover at our wide network of Designated Service Providers (DSPs) at 100% of our tariff structure and limited day-to-day benefits. If you’re looking for a hospital plan more than out-of-hospital cover, then this benefits option is for you.


Equilibrium Benefits Package


The equally affordable Equilibrium membership provides for unlimited hospital cover at 100% of our tariff structure and the option also includes specialist visits in hospital at 150% of our tariff. This is rather beneficial, since specialist care is often exceptionally expensive. The package includes a day-to-day package for out-of-hospital expenses. If you want the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your specialist care and day-to-day costs are covered, select the Equilibrium option.


ilver Benefits Package


If you need mid-level medical healthcare cover that includes comprehensive cover for out-of-hospital expenses and unlimited in-hospital care at 100% of our tariff structure, the Silver option is the answer. It is also a good choice for the family.


Gold Benefits Package


As one of our top benefits packages, the Gold option is suited for the family that requires optimal in-hospital care cover, out-of-hospital and day-to-day cover, and a savings account for better management of day-to-day medical care expenses.


Platinum Benefits Package


This is our flagship package, allowing for the most comprehensive in-hospital, out-of-hospital and day-to-day care cover with full maternity, radiology and oncology benefits.


Our large membership base and years of experience in managing finances make it possible for us to keep membership fees affordable and to ensure access to excellent medical care. Our service offering includes free add-on benefits, such as the Smart Baby Programme, Health Booster and Easy-ER. Get more than just a hospital plan. Contact us for a quote and more information about our benefits packages.