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Looking for an Affordable Medical Aid? Try Our Essence Option


Finding a suitable medical aid at an affordable price can be challenging. Given all the confusing terms and coverage types, it’s hard to know where you should start. What if you pick a package that seems like a huge bargain, but ends up being a lousy deal in disguise? Or worse, you get exactly what you pay for, but it’s not what you expected. If only you could find a medical scheme that provides you with the necessary information to understand all the industry jargon that’s used in the healthcare field.

We’re here to offer you a simple solution – KeyHealth. We provide you with choice, affordability and multiple levels of health coverage. Any and all information required to explain the terms used in our cover plans can be acquired through self-research on our online site, or otherwise acquired by asking us directly.


What an Affordable Medical Aid Looks Like

Our Essence Option is the cheapest of the many options available at KeyHealth. If you are looking for an affordable medical aid, there are some important factors to consider:


For all KeyHealth cover plans, you get three free additional benefits that include certain advantages in cases of pregnancy, ER visits and preventative treatment. You can view them at the bottom of all medical aid options’ pages. Or inspect these free add-ons under our FREE additional benefits section.


Essence Option – What to Expect

Firstly, you should know what you do not get with this affordable medical aid cover. Prosthesis and day-to-day benefits, as well as basic and specialised dentistry, are excluded from this plan. Six specific hospital procedures are also not offered with this type of coverage.

Although this inexpensive package excludes the abovementioned benefits, the pros outweigh the cons by far.


Here’s What You Do Get:

Unlimited cover for the following benefits – PMBs, as well as chronic medication for any one of the 26 conditions on the Chronic Disease List. It also covers:

  • Injuries sustained through accidents, as most fall under the Prescribed Minimum Benefits.
  • Emergency transport from accident scenes by ambulance, through air travel or roads, thanks to Netcare 911, as one of our DSPs.
  • Endoscopic procedures performed at Life HealthCare and Netcare Hospitals if a Onecare Specialist is used. You also get full cover for treatments at either of these hospitals with a 30% co-payment being required only if you choose to get treated at another non-DSP hospital.
  • The services of specialists for members who are hospitalised are covered, subject to certain conditions being met.
  • Limited cover for these benefits, including Oncology, or in simpler words, treatment and diagnosis of cancer-related conditions, MRI and CT scans with a small payment being applicable for each scan, and the provision of medical appliances used, including wheelchairs and crutches among others to treat or cure members where needed, with specific conditions to be met for these to apply.


All of the above, as well as the free additional benefits mentioned, form part of the Essence Option. However, we do offer packages with many more advantages, also available at affordable prices.


Save More by Knowing What You Need

The best way to get value for your money with any medical aid is to opt for only that which you will use. There is no reason to take out the most expensive complete coverage plan and put yourself in a tight spot financially if you are a healthy, young individual with no dependants. You don’t want to be paying more on your monthly medical aid fees than what you would actually spend on healthcare over twelve months.

Get yourself checked out by a health practitioner, and make sure you are aware of any underlying conditions or that you are perfectly healthy. This will help you in choosing a plan that suits your needs and saves you from overpaying for services you’ll likely never use.

Still looking for an affordable medical aid? Get in touch with KeyHealth, and find a plan that will meet your needs, financially and medically.