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5 Essential Tips to Compare Medical Aids


Medical aids are crucial investments for many South Africans, as these save them from having to pay large amounts at once for medical treatment. These plans are not only there to protect your family in case of sickness and injuries, but also to improve quality of life by giving you access to private healthcare. If you select the best scheme and package to protect your loved ones, it can make a magnificent difference in your well-being, peace of mind and finances.


How to Compare Medical Aids

You cannot take the most expensive option at one scheme and compare the benefits to a similar costing, but a lower in rank option at a competitor scheme. The process is a bit trickier than that, however, made easier through the use of online comparison tools. Below are some indispensable tips to compare medical aids:

  • Start by evaluating your budget, monthly and annual living expenses.
  • Go see your GP to determine the state of your health.
  • Be open about all conditions when applying for quotes.
  • Inspect the financial soundness of any scheme you may want to join.
  • Make sure you understand all terms used in the prospective health plan.


If you are not completely sure about the meaning of certain conditions that apply to claims or any other important parts of the medical aids, ask a representative. It’s also wise to get a second opinion on the matter from experts in the field, not associated with the schemes you consider. This way, you can get confirmation on whether or not the representatives of a scheme are being transparent.


Make a List of Requirements

One of the best tips to compare medical aids is to write down your personal wants and needs for healthcare. Are you only looking for emergency cover for accidents or sudden hospitalisation? Or, are you interested in getting day-to-day benefits that allow you to buy medication or visit doctors more often? Remember, these health plans are there to provide a way to cope for individuals, as well as families, who are interested in finding a solution to their health expenses.

Another useful tip is to make sure that the scheme you choose is partnered with the hospitals and practitioners where you prefer to be treated. You don’t want to get a surprise bill for health expenses that are supposed to be covered in your package just because you visited a non-DSP practitioner.

If you’re not only joining a scheme for your benefit but also the benefit of your dependants, you have to take their needs into account as well.


Don’t Settle, Compare Until You’re Satisfied

There is no shortage of schemes and health plans in the country. Thus, you’re sure to find an option that meets all your needs, provided you look hard enough. At KeyHealth, we offer a range of cover options to suit your individual needs, and we do so simply and with complete transparency. Consider your options carefully before making your decision and seek out the health plan that is perfect for you.

Give us a call to learn more about our cover options and we will gladly offer you advice on selecting a medical aid option that works best for you.