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The Many Valuable Benefits of the KeyHealth HIV/AIDS Programme


While treatment is available for this potentially-fatal illness, it is costly. The KeyHealth HIV/AIDS programme offers members a more affordable option. While the doctors of the time lacked the necessary knowledge and technology to recognise it, it’s likely the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) may have first surfaced as early as the late 1800s. Studies have since shown that the causative organism may have been a mutation of the simian immunodeficiency virus found in chimpanzees, which, like other viruses, jumped to human hosts. Currently, there is no cure. It is a lifelong condition that, if left untreated, can lead to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). Although the latter development was once considered a guaranteed death sentence, patients receiving anti-retroviral medication can now live long and healthy lives. For many, however, the cost of treatment can be prohibitive, while some infected individuals may be too embarrassed to seek help.


Accessing Treatment via the Keyhealth HIV/ADS Programme

Any KeyHealth member diagnosed with this condition can apply to participate in a specialised programme. Professional consultants from LifeSense Disease Management manage this invaluable service on behalf of the KeyHealth Medical Scheme. The programme aims to provide those affected with access to the necessary healthcare benefits to ensure their quality of life despite their incurable infection. Following a positive diagnosis, members who wish to participate in the Keyhealth HIV/AIDS programme will need to register by making a phone call to LifeSense at 0860 506 080.


What to Expect from the KeyHealth HIV/AIDS Programme

Firstly, you can look forward to total confidentiality. All details of your illness and support will be strictly between you, the LifeSense consultant and KeyHealth, who will be responsible for processing your claims. Given the unwarranted stigma often associated with this condition, many more patients are willing to place their trust in this service. Naturally, as a programme member, you will be assured of the medication and any other treatment necessary to manage your condition effectively. However, the general support and personal counselling sessions should prove just as valuable as will the professional advice from your consultant about essential lifestyle adjustments.


Managed Healthcare Programmes Available to KeyHealth Medical Scheme Members

In practice, the KeyHealth HIV/AIDS programme is only one of the Managed Healthcare Programmes available to the scheme’s members to ensure members receive ongoing management of their conditions and expert care. Whether you enrol in an entry-level hospital plan or a top-of-the-range fully-comprehensive plan, you will have access to these programmes by simply registering, should you require them. You may download any of our brochures if you want more details or contact us for assistance.