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In 2022 KeyHealth is bringing affordable, quality healthcare within everyone’s reach!



We have removed co-payments on our products:

  • MRI/CT Scan (all options)
  • In-hospital dentistry Platinum, Gold, Silver & Equilibrium
  • Out-of-hospital pathology on Platinum, Gold & Silver
  • The non-CDL chronic medicine on Platinum, Gold, Silver & Equilibrium

By removing co-payments, we are helping our members and being a responsible medical scheme. We are reducing the financial burden on our members, as they no longer have to pay additional costs for healthcare treatment out of their pockets, after having paid their medical scheme premiums.

With us, quality affordable healthcare doesn’t have to be exclusive. It is now within everyone’s reach.

These changes are in addition to the existing free benefits that form part of our options offering.

Free benefits include KeyHealth’s Health Booster, Easy-ER and Smart Baby Programme.

Other 2022 benefit improvements

  • We are helping our members extend their benefits and make them last longer by paying for PMB/Chronic Disease List conditions from the major medical benefit, not from day-to-day benefits
  • We have enhanced our designated service provider (DSP) hospitals to include Mediclinic in the Western Cape and other selected hospitals
  • Medical savings account contributions have been increased in-line with contribution increases
  • Specialised dentistry requires pre-authorisation
  • An inflationary increase of approximately 4.6% has been applied to all benefit limits

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