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Look Into Affordable Hospital Plans for Your Physical Safety and Peace of Mind

Do you know who you will turn to if you are involved in a car accident, fall ill with a chronic disease or are faced with a medical trauma? If you have medical aid in place then you have probably got cover for these situations. If you have not got medical aid in place, then it is time to change that before it is too late. Too often we take it for granted that we have our health and fitness.  Even if you are on a budget and cannot afford full comprehensive cover, investing in hospital plans would be a wise idea.

Many people feel that they are saving on an unnecessary monthly expense by not having medical aid in place. Unfortunately a large number of these people learn that having that safety net and medical savings plan, their lives could be saved without hesitation. While there are some great sounding packages on the market, remember to ask for a copy of the policy and read through it so that you are completely aware of what you are paying for and what you can expect in the unfortunate event of you needing to claim.

At KeyHealth Medical we have a fabulous hospital plan in the form of our Essence package. This particular package ensures that you are provided with full cover to 100% of an agreed fee should you be hospitalised. This cover includes theatre fees, high care / intensive care as long as you have obtained pre-authorisation. With certain procedures there is a co-payment required. For example the co-payment required for back surgery would be R5000 and for reflux surgery would be R5000 and so on. These are usually quite reasonable fees in comparison to the actual cost of the surgery.

This particular package also caters to psychiatric treatment to the value of R12 000 and unlimited blood transfusion coverage provided that there is pre-authorisation for this. You can expect R95 000 oncology cover as long as case management has been approved. Pathology, radiology and prosthetics are all covered, but have their limitations in place.  The Essence package is the ideal type of scheme for someone who is on a tight budget and needs to have the peace of mind that should something happen, they will be taken care of. Regardless of who you are, where you work and how much you earn, you need to consider your physical safety as well as the safety of your family.

Of course you can also add Health Booster to this package which is designed to promote preventative care and treatment over and above only treating the cause once the problem has arisen. We at KeyHealth Medical want our clients to lead healthy lifestyles in order to have increased enjoyment and more years with the family. We are often promoting healthy eating and recipes and welcome our clients to become part of the change that their lives so desperately need.

Claiming from KeyHealth Medical is absolutely simple. In most cases your doctor, hospital staff or similar will submit a request to us informing us of a medical procedure or hospitalisation. In some cases the service providers demand a cash payment on treatment. If this is the case, simply keep the slips and documentation and submit a claim directly to us, so that we can refund you the amount due. We allow for claims to be submitted via email or fax and will gladly accept them as long as they are clearly legible.

Since we opened our doors for business we have earned ourselves a reputation for taking the needs of our clients very seriously. We offer innovative packages that are well priced which are also supported by efficient admin procedures and a phenomenal service.

When it comes to finding out which packages would be best suited to your needs, it is best to speak to one of our consultants directly or one of our brokers. They will be more than happy to explain the procedures and processes and will help you to make a wise decision regarding the package that you choose to settle on. Remember that your health is important and without taking it seriously and protecting it, you are taking quite a substantial risk.