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Hospital Plan and Medical Aid for Young Adults

Although the benefits associated with day to day medical cover are well-known, many people fail to realise the importance of a hospital plan as part of a comprehensive medical aid scheme. Unfortunately the highest medical care costs are not associated with pharmaceutical applications, doctor visits, optometry or dentistry, but rather the costs associated with surgery, emergency care, ambulances, radiology, intensive care, and rehabilitation.

When considering the above costs, it becomes apparent that one should invest in at least a basic hospital plan. Even if a person still young, unmarried and healthy, there is always the risk of getting seriously ill or injured whereupon hospitalisation is required. Such instances often also go hand in hand with surgeries, several tests and intensive medical care.

Affordable Medical Aid

We, however, realise that young adults often still have study debt, are just starting out and especially if they are small business owners, may not afford the costs of comprehensive medical cover. With their budgets in mind, we have developed several packages of which each includes a hospital plan as well.

The Essence package includes a basic hospital plan ensuring that you will be able to get excellent medical care and will not have to be indebted because of medical bills. You may still feel as if you will live forever in a healthy body, but, medical aid is there not only for conditions you may expect, but also for the unexpected.

Authorisation for Hospital Care

If you need to go to hospital, give us a call and provide the details as requested. In most instances, pre-authorisation is needed for hospitalisation and various treatments. If you are unable to call us, a family member or the hospital can do so on your behalf and within 24 hours of your admittance to the hospital.

Should your budget allow it, we can recommend the next level in medical cover. Our Equilibrium package is affordable and well-suited for the young professional. It also includes a hospital plan. Our other packages include the Silver, Gold and Platinum packages. If you want basic, yet, worthwhile medical aid cover, consider the Essence, Equilibrium or Silver packages.


We understand that even with all the information available to easily make a comparison between the day to day and hospital plan benefits of our various packages, you may still need additional information or assistance to make sense out of it all. It is for this reason that we have consultants available to assist with more information, explain the terminology and any terms and conditions of which you may be unsure, as well as pricing structures.

Compare Packages

We don’t want you to take the first option you see simply because it is easier, but want you to compare packages and even compare our services and packages to similar ones offered by other medical schemes with hospital plans.

Why KeyHealth?

We are accredited at the Council for Medical Schemes and process claims in a timely manner. Processing is fast and in most instances, payment is directly to the service provider if the service provider has submitted the claim correctly. We cover several chronic conditions and as an open medical aid scheme, we allow for anyone to join and also allow for broker-client discussions.

You can also get a list of approved hospitals from us and if you are unsure about the specific treatment coverage, simply get in contact with our consultants for more information.

Preventative Care

Although we offer several packages, we do encourage preventative healthcare and with such offer a Health Booster plan in addition to our packages. It covers preventive care such as immunisation of children, maternity scans, anti-natal doctor visits and paediatrician visits in addition to early detection tests such as GP examinations, Pap smear, cholesterol level testing, mammograms and blood sugar level testing.

Many more preventative care benefits are included. The benefits are applicable to the specific package and payable according to the benefits structure for the specific package. Members must contact our Client Service Centre for authorisation and verify the tariff code with the Call Centre Agent and in addition inform the relevant service provider accordingly.

If you are thus no longer a dependant on your parents’ medical aid and hospital plan, review our various packages and get in touch with one of our consultants to help you with the selection of the most appropriate package according to your budget and healthcare requirements.