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Why Young Adults Should Get Medical Aid

You may wonder what the hype is about and why older people often urge you to get medical aid. Indeed, when you are young and fresh out of college your body may still be strong enough to withstand the occasional flu, but it may not be strong enough to recover from a serious accident or illness without medical intervention.

When it comes to getting medical aid, naturally you will want to save money and would rather, as a young adult spend the money on entertainment, clothing, new IT equipment or weekends away. You may even argue that you can save money in a separate account for unforeseen medical expenses rather than paying monthly premiums to a medical aid scheme and almost never having to use the benefits.

It is true. You can save money in a separate account for unforeseen medical expenses, but will you be able to save enough money before a mishap strikes? Vehicle accidents are not uncommon and even if you are super fit and optimally nourished you can still fall ill. In addition, you may not be able to save up enough money in a given year to pay for the dental check-ups, some dental work, doctor visits, responsible self-medication, the unforeseen broken arm or leg, and still have enough to pay for expensive procedures such as surgery, hospitalisation, radiology, and related services.

Minimise Financial Risk

You need to get medical aid, not necessarily because you will use it regularly, but to have the cover for when you do need such. If you add all your monthly premiums for one year together, you will find that the amount will still be far below that associated with intensive care, hospitalisation, cavity repairs and other expensive procedures. You cannot say to the doctors at a hospital that you will pay off the account. They expect payment upfront when you are a private patient. You thus need insurance that will cover all those expenses and also enable you to go for regular check-ups and enjoy the benefits of preventative healthcare.

Don’t Risk Your Health

Without comprehensive medical aid that includes day-to-day benefits and hospital plans, you thus take risks with your health. You will not buy a brand new car and pay it off without taking out insurance. The same holds true for your body. You need to use it for years to come and without proper medical care; you can end up with serious health problems. If you don’t get medical aid, you are more likely to avoid the check-ups because of the expenses associated with such. Those check-ups may have revealed underlying health problems, which if addressed early, could have been treated without long term effects on your body.

We at KeyHealth understand that young adults starting out, may not have all that much cash at hand to spend on medical aid, and as such offer exceptionally affordable benefit plans that can be upgraded to more comprehensive plans as the healthcare needs of the members change and their income increase. We thus offer several options and although we cannot tell you which option to take, we can provide you with enough information to make an informed choice.

KeyHealth Solutions

We are a registered open medical aid scheme and operate according to the regulations of the Medical Schemes Act No 131 of 1998. We offer individual and group options. Packages range from Essence & Equilibrium as the basic covers to Silver, Gold and Platinum as the more comprehensive benefit packages. In addition, we also offer the preventative care benefits plan called the Health Booster that can be added onto any of the benefit plans.

Get medical aid to minimise the financial expenses and the risk of sub-standard healthcare because you cannot afford better.